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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by n2h20, Jan 4, 2006.

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    I need to start accepting credit cards.
    I have gotten a few mailers of different rates.
    I am still building this business, but i do online sales and that is my main reason for needing the credit cards.

    What do you pay per transaction and how much % do they take?
    What companies?

    I got one for 1.39% plus $.21 per transaction
    Free equipment

    Any other information I "should know"?
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    I don't use their service, I considered it. i ended up using my local hometown style bank for my business. They are pretty agressive at retaining and gaining local customers. I bought a terminal from them and the only charges are when I use it, no monthly fee only transaction fees. They gave me a manual swipe to imprint a copy of cards for one time services. We have customers call in cc number and my wife inputs into our terminal for monthly, or any other billing. The fee per transaction is 2.75% when we use it but over all is cheaper then paying the monthly fee and terminal rental. We use it very little in the winter but enough that it's worth having during the season. It comes in handy when invoices are past due, you can call customer and ask if they want to use there cc to pay. Often they will pay up at that time.
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    Before you actually find a service....really look at your needs. I really thought that I needed the services, then I found out that none of my customers expected me to have it, or cared that I did. I do sodding and landscaping jobs, and anymore people have set the money aside or have rolled it into their loans. They are not putting these large expenditures on credit cards. I got 1 customer last year who really wanted to use their credit card. I told them to get a credit card check, and I could accept that.

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