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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by VMcNeill, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. VMcNeill

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    How important is it to accept credit cards in this business? What is the best way on going about it? website, an actual card reader in your truck(is this even possible?). For those of you that accept credit cards, do you charge extra since CCs charge 1-3%.
  2. TurfdudeNCSU

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    We accept them.. Probably 5% of our sales are paid with them so we don't do a whole lot, but we have signed some jobs just because we accept them. And we have a few maintenance accounts where we swipe the first day of the month. We have a portable machine that I can use in my truck or even in the customers house. We pay an average of 1.8% on all charges. However, It is illegal to charge a customer back the fee that you are charged.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I actually give a 'discount' for paying by credit card...or more accurately I mark up the price a bit if they want to pay by check. The great thing with CCs is you are in control of when you get paid. I just phone in the charges on the date I print the bills.
  4. Eddie B

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    How do you go about getting a machine and setting yourself up to accept them? When you complete the transactions, does the money direct deposit into an account?
  5. Total.Lawn.Care

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    Talk to your bank or go online and get the contact numbers to a few Merchant Service Companies (search google with "Merchant Services". Give them a call and they will have a rep contact you and set you up with all the info you need to setup, what equipment you would like and explain the fees and service charges.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Eddie, the money is direct-deposited into your account (minus their transaction fees). Normally only takes a few days...typically if I phone in some charges on a Mon night, the money will be in there on Wed. This is for Visa and MC...I take Discover too, but they take a few days longer to get you your money (due to how the charges are processed....)
  7. newz7151

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    If you need on site processing, I believe there is a card scanner that can hook up to a Nextel phone for doing credit card transactions.. It's been a while since I came across it though.....
  8. firefightergw

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    You can also run your cards through quickbooks. The service is through them. Additionally, there are companies that have systems so that you can run your cards over the internet. We run about 80% of our billing through credit cards.
  9. lawncare3

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    Next year all I will have is cc's. I have too much BS from ppl not paying on time/ever. Ann new customers I have signed in the past haev't had a problem with it. Either CC before or check at door each trip. I think for $25.00 I actually recieve 24.25 I went to Their real morons but once you get your equip you never have to speak with them. I carry an imprinter in the truck if there is a cc present at jobsite.
  10. nherweck

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    I have 10% of my current clients running by CC. That way...NO late payers, and I know when I'm going to be paid. If I was going to stay next year, I'd ONLY take CC or pre-pay.

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