Creeping Charlie Glechoma hederacea

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CCLS, Mar 12, 2003.

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    What products do you guys use to control creeping charlie? I was wondering if anyone has had luck with any specific products. I have a couple new clients this year that have extensive ground ivy infestation about 50% of the lawn area. I would like a chemical product that I could apply, without having to completely renevate the yard.
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  3. Had ground ivy in my yard in c ill, used dicambi and dursban ( for fleas) monthly. Really knock down both, but ground ivy still moved in from neighbors yard.
  4. kickin sum grass

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    I have had great results with milennium ultra. But do it fast cuz somtime in the fall residential lawns will no longer be on the label. Stock up if you need to. You can still use it for residentials as long as it is on the label of the container you have.
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    Best control is a combo including triclopyr, in an ester formulation. IMHO, best product today is Riverdale's Cool Power. 2 apps spring and 2 in fall if you can get them in. Will take a couple of years to clean it out if heavy like you indicate.

    Recent research at Purdue found ester formulation of triclopyr to give best results. The all time winner in this category was Turflon D, but Dow quit that formulation years ago.
  6. CCLS

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    Do you guys think that over a couple years with proper horticultural practices and chemical treatment, the grass will be dense enough to keep the creeping charlie from taking over again? Should my liquid broadleaf control do the trick once the creeping charlie has been minimized and the turf grass has become dense and lush?

    Anyone have a personal experience with this problem???
  7. I would THINK once eraticated, and a good dense turf, problem solved unless it's creeping in from neighbor. I said I think!
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    I have had good results using Chaser 2. It is 34% 2-4-D and 15% Triclopyr. Make 2 applications 2-3 weeks apart at double strength. Might take multiple applications if there is a lot of Ivy.
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    Ground Ivy is not that hard to kill. Any of the three ways will take care of that especially in the fall. The problem is reinfestation. It is usually worse in more shaded areas, where turf never will reach maximum density. It doesn;t have the nickname creeping for nothing. If any is left growing under shrubs or in hedges or flower beds, it will creep back out. If the neighbors don't control, there will always be some creeping back in. With a good program, though you can usually keep it in check. But don't expect to ever have a complete eradication.

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