Crepe Myrtle or Crape Myrtle

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    Go online and you can probably find some in 4' range for as little as $8 each.

    Look here

    I got some 4 years ago and now they are 10 to 12 feet tall, and have been top trimmed to help them form a more wide spreading form. Some are single trunks others double or triple for variety

    Plant properly, dig a big hole and amend soil with large amounts or potting soil and some pine bark chips , fertilize and water well the first couple of years and you will see sometimes 3 to 4 feet of growth/year in the first year or two. Trunks on mine now are 3 to 4" in diameter. and we went through an extremely hot and dry summer last year, over 60 days straight over 100 degrees and something like 30" below normal rainfall for the year.. Crepe myrtles are still doing great.

    Honestly it is not smart to pay that kind of price. At the time I bought mine I got enough so the price was in the mid $5 each and all had single straight trunks with a diameter about like my little finger. They do grow fast and good, just be sure to keep watered the first year or two.
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    THANKS jkingrph!!!!!!
    Just called and ordered, I'm tired of screwing with the locals who think your no body unless your spending $1,000


    I've called about 9 nurseries and its either $125 each or "we can get them" but I'll have to call you back and you never get a call back.

    I ordered the 6 Natchez for $80 and should have next Thursday.

    So excited [​IMG]

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