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crepe myrtle trees?


LawnSite Member
i have 2 trees, i think they are crepe myrtle trees.they looked great last year but i cant even see any buds on them as of yet.are these late bloomers?


LawnSite Gold Member
Chesapeake VA
Still to early. Need some steady warmth to get them to sprout out.


LawnSite Silver Member
No buds here yet. They need long periods of warmth. here we get a week of good warm weather and all of a sudden a week of cold nastyness. Everything is screwed up on timming this year.

Dreams To Designs

LawnSite Bronze Member
dmd, when did they bloom last year? Mid to late summer? They form buds on new wood, so as the plant grows this spring it will set new flower buds for that summer flower show. If there is any dead wood, that should be pruned out now, as well as any other pruning that may need to be done.


Focal Point Landscapes

LawnSite Senior Member
Macon Ga.
There are some around here that are practically bare , which is most unusual - late freeze really set them back . Some people cut them back severely (crepe murder) and the freeze hit just as new shoots were emerging - some may not survive both shocks , but they are very hardy plants and yours should be fine.