Crew Leader & Laborer Needed in Sussex County, Delaware


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Lewes, DE
We are looking for two new employees. Who are willing to work long hours, are able to lift at least 50lbs and can work well with others. We need problem solvers not problem creators.

As a Foreman, you are expected to do the following:
1)Manage time and work schedules to complete each days daily task
2)Keep Laborers from slacking off
3)Keep equipment clean and notify shop of any non-working equipment
4)Maintain 70-110 properties in any given week.

Please do not inquire your application if:
1) You can not work full time
2) You are looking for a temporary position
3) You have trouble showing up on time
4) You would fail a drug test
5) You don't have a clean driving record
6) You are not in reasonable physical condition or do not enjoy working outdoors.

Please contact me Directly: