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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmasterswilson, Aug 7, 2013.

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    if you can't pay 15-17 for a crew leader, pack it up.

    You ARE the low baller everyone complains about.

    "oh I can't AFFORD to pay guys that much per hour"

    Thats because you're not charging enough.

    Walmart has a career calling your name.
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    What has worked best for you guys....

    1. Premium wage with a short leash on mistakes or call backs.


    2. Average wage with some type of bonus system for quality and efficiency.

    If you did a bonus how did you structure it? Did you type up a "checklist" for what was expected? Though I could pice 5-10 properties and do a walk through inspection to determine if bonus was given for the week.
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    We do year end bonus based on how the year goes financially. I have more of an open book policy when it comes to the company financials than a lot of team do. My group leaders know exactly what their teams make on each job or each day they are out there (after paying all overhead, office salaries and EBIT, burdened labor and materials) Anything extra goes into a pool and at year a percentage of that pool is distributed to group & team leaders. Its based on the company as a whole since we are all a team rather than individual teams. At the end of everyday the job costing data is entered into a very intricate spreadsheet that we made by group leaders. Which is reviewed the next day in the office. I give my group leaders a lot of responsibilities and freedom to run their teams but we keep close eyes on things as the same time. We are fortunate enough to have great leaders throughout the company here.
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    I don't know how you guy can pay 15-17 per hour. You guys must be averaging $80 or more per yard. I don't consider myself a lowballer but maybe I am. We run three trucks and have 8 employees. I don't know any one in our area running a truck making much more than 12-14 per hour. Maybe a few of the larger companies doing hospitals. Many of them start there employees at 8 per hour and go from there. It would be next to impossible doing 50-60 dollar yards( which is standard in our area) paying a three man crew 35-45 per hour.
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    how long does a $50 yard take you?

    An hour?
    with one guy? with two guys?

    Lets say you have $50 yards as tour "usual" lawn.

    How many $50 yard can a crew of 2 do in an 8 hour day?


    lets say its 13 each $50 lawns in a day.
    That's $650.00
    The dude running that gets paid $15 and hour.
    He worked 8 hours. $120 gross.
    So easy math, that guy costs you $156.00 after payroll matching.

    DO you REALLY need a second man for lawns THAT small?
    Why are you paying hit to count bug splatters on the windshield?

    Lot of wasted time there.
    To me looks like that guy can get paid $17.00

    I can afford to pay TWO guys $8 and one guy $17.
    Who wants to share half their pay with their buddy? No one? good. Solo route.

    If one guy gets 13 lawns done, adding a second guy will only gain you MAYBE 7 more lawns.

    that's $1000 day.

    First guy is still pulling $156.00

    Second guy at $12/hr $124.80

    $280.80 total out of a $1000 day.

    What you can't do 20, $50 lawns in a day?

    16 man hours (2 men , 8 hour each) into 1000.00…is 62.50 per hour.

    650.00 divided b 8 is 81.50 per hour (your solo will always net higher proportionately)

    If you need TWO guys to do $650.00 in lawns in a day (650/16) is only 40 some odd $ per hour.

    thats pretty low for commercial/professional lawn mowing, in any state.

    Say you can't keep up with the competition, people are bidding too low?

    there is always the option of NOT doing lawn mowing at all, you all know that, right?
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    My crew leaders make around $3000 per month on a normal growing season month with regular guys making around $2000.
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    You need to speak with other local companies for advice. Some of these guys giving you a hard time may not be thinking straight. Wages depend highly on standard and cost of living. Even in Virginia.... There are places where supervisors may average 15 to 20 per hour and other place they average 10....

    All I said above is business 101
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    well our minimum wage is just under $10 an hour, which is what my crew members start out at. Not sure if you guys have heard but Seattle just passed a bill to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour! Keep in mind this is not just a Seattle thing it is some movement in the democrat party to get it raised to $15 an hour across the country. From what I have heard an read about it they just wanted to start this movement somewhere and get the ball rolling. pretty scary because it will REALLY HURT our industry. People don't factor in the consequence's of that price forcing businesses to shut down because customers will not pay the extra cost of adding those costs in.

    sorry I am done with my rant... now back to the question... we are inching up our crew leads to $13-$15 depending on time and experience and truthfully that is even a bit low.
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    they won't pay huh?

    you sure?

    fuel keeps going up.

    People are still paying for it.

    What are they going to do… NOT get the grass cut?

    EVERY thing will go up.

    say good buy to $5 cheeseburgers….

    Can you image what $15/min wage will do to mcdonalds and walmart?

    I think that might actually hurt walmart more than anyone else.

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