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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmasterswilson, Aug 7, 2013.

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    right on the money! this is a great post.

    I love the term "living wage" it seems to be the newest phrase the Obama administration is throwing around so that every business is forced to pay higher wage and higher taxes which in the end hurts everybody one way or another.

    Our type of jobs (crew member) are not high wage jobs people, they are entry level. we have gotten the "average wage" our location pays from the employment department for these type of jobs in our area (we pay in the middle of that range if the person is worth that) it is $10-$13 an hour. We are not going to pay high dollar for a job that the area doesn't support. We are highly saturated with illegals who want to charge $20 for a lawn, this is why (to the guy who posted why are we not charging xxx.00 amount of dollars more) we CAN'T charge more. Every location will only pay so much for something, once they hit that magic mark they will go to someone else cheaper. There is a fine line in trying to find the highest point you can without losing the bid.

    In my mind it is simple, this still is America, if you don't like making between that range then go back to school, find a different job or skill that pays higher, go into business for yourself, lots of freedom to choose (at least for now). Forcing businesses to do things that will put them out of business or at the very least harm their ability to hire or grow will not help the economy, why people don't understand this is beyond me.
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    yes, absolutely right.

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