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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by american groundskeeper, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. american groundskeeper

    american groundskeeper LawnSite Member
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    We mow large retirement projects, can run up to 1000 homes and 600-700 ac's, here in south Florida. We have around twenty five people on the job at one time. Ten are mower operators and pretty much look after themselves.

    The balance of the crew are on foot useing hand power tools. Foremen stays in the truck and tranports crew around as needed ,restroom ,next area , breakdowns, fuel and lunch. We have pretty much always used a pickup for this job.

    But with the changing times I am less and less happy with the pickup. Does anyone have a better idea? Need to move up ten or twelve people and their tools at once. Issues are safty getting in and out and a cover for those sudden down pours we are famos for. Truck does not cover many miles but runs all day, I am thinking some kind of custom body but have no idea where to start. I know there is some great mind out there that has the perfect solution. Best Regards Ed
  2. lawnjockey56

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    e series van?
  3. american groundskeeper

    american groundskeeper LawnSite Member
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    Yep got one but can't haul their tools and the crew at the same time. Use the vans to bring the crew to the job. Everone comes every day that way. But thanks for your thoughts. Anyone else have a idea?

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    E van with a 4x8 enclosed trailer. What kind of tools are you hauling?
  5. crab

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    how bout a custom short bus ,you could create storage space in the back,maybe hang the trimmers on the side .i bet you get a sweet deal on a used one.and since you're in large areas sounds like highway time is minimal.
  6. american groundskeeper

    american groundskeeper LawnSite Member
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    Tried it sounded like a good idea. To many short cul-de-sacs some of the parks have very narrow streets as well. But your all thinking thanks
  7. american groundskeeper

    american groundskeeper LawnSite Member
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    Hauling the crew and their tools. Trimmers,blowers,edgers and etc..
  8. PROCUT1

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    A used "tart cart" type schoolbus.
  9. Prime Cut Lawns LLC

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    Go with a Dodge Sprinter...I have one for my Dry Cleaning delivery business. Gets 22 mpg city driving. Its the same thing that Fed-X is using only theirs is the Freightliner. Both have the Mercedes diesel engines and run great. You can find a nice late model used one for around $30,000.00
  10. MowMoney

    MowMoney LawnSite Member
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    Here is what I use and it works great for me. However I'm not moving 10 to 12 guys at once. If you can make due with 2 units then it may work for you too. My set up uses a 3 passenger Chevy/Isuzu cab over, but I know they are available in crew cab versions with seating for 6 (maybe even 7). Take a look at the pics below and envision the set up with a crew cab instead of the standard cab.

    Its an all in one set up. every tool has a dedicated place in the truck. Its secure, keeps equipment/people shielded from the elements of weather and very compact. I'm able to carry all the equipment I need and have a place for up to 6Cy of waste in a vehicle thats about 23' long (about the length of a traditional 1 ton dump truck. and that doesn't even count the trailer length). Also, its great to maneuver in tight areas too.




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