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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1st impressions, Jan 11, 2001.

  1. 1st impressions

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    For 7 years I was the only employee of my company.By the
    7th year I was doing 88 weekly accounts by myself.
    Unfortunately (or fortunately) my body began to tell me
    to cool it. Last year I went out and got more business
    and was lucky to get 3 workers. We went out and did all
    the work together.
    Since that does not seem very efficient, this year I want
    to set them up on their own route(at least 2 of them
    together) but I am not sure how many stops I should but
    on the route. We are approximately 80% residential 20%
    commercial. Average size lot is 7500-12000 sg.ft. The
    route is fairly tight and they are familiar with most of
    the yards.
    I was guessing about 15 stops a day in a 8hr. day
    Any insight would be appreciated

    . THANKS!
  2. HOMER

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    If you were doing 88 by yourself then 2 should be able to handle 75 (15x5days) with ease. I don't know what type equipment your running but I wouldn't settle for anything less.
  3. Eric ELM

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    I am hoping you meant 75 each Homer, which would be 150. Boy I'm good at math. :D

    If this 2 man crew as as good of equimpent as you had and the same size and speed, they should do as good each as you did by yourself.
  4. kutnkru

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    Most contractors in our area have both a 48wb and 36wb on their trailers for a 2 man crew, two trimmers, a bp and hand-held blower.

    The average contractor seems to cut 3-4 lawns per block minimizing the number of stops required to complete the route. Most of my friends in the business cut 20-25 accounts per day. With not more than 5 minutes between drops.

    We cut commercial accounts Sunday thru Tuesday and residentials Wednesday thru Friday.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Runner

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    1st Impressions, First of all the fact you this many accounts, and they are all packed relatively tightly together is good. So, based on this, we can sort of work on a formula. First, consider what kind of mowers you run (not brand, but cutting capacity). If you are running two mowers with an adequate amount of cutting power, and have a decent amount of trimming on these jobs (not forgeting QUALITY takes a little more) it would pay to have a third man for trimming so you can can keep those mowers running more hours of the day. You will actually make more per hour yourself, by paying someone else to trim as to hold up your other two workers with mowers. This, of course, is unless you are going out with them, AND this is based on two mowers. Also, MAKE SURE YOU STAY COORDINATED! This means little things like having areas near the cement areas done first (or atleast in time) that they can be getting blown off while the mowers are finishing up in back or wherever.
  6. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    1st Impressions,

    If you have good tight residential routes, I believe you would me more profitable to go with 1 man crews.

  7. Runner

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    Yeah, thanks, John, - good point. That was one thing I forgot to figure in as a factor was the size of these residentials. If there were 88 of them getting done in a week, they are DEFINITely not mostly 1/2 acre and bigger lots.
  8. 1st impressions

    1st impressions LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the insight. I have thought about the use
    of one man crews. The problem again is the productivity
    question.I know what I can do but an employee, on his own,
    is another question. I figured 1-48" and 1-36" mower per
    trailer and most of the accounts are in the 7500-12000sq.
    ft. size. My thought was one employee could do 10 lawns
    a day averaging 1 lawn every 45 minutes with travel time.

    Am I on the right page with these numbers?
  9. Mueller Landscape Inc

    Mueller Landscape Inc LawnSite Senior Member
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    1st Impressions,

    If one employee can do 10 lawns a day, there is no way that two, working together, can do 20 unless they are separated.

    If you have 4 minutes of windshield time between stops, with two that means 8 minutes windshield time between stops. Don't forget all the rambling that goes on when two guys are debating lasts night's Temptation Island. Or maybe 1 must use the restroom but the other doesn't. If one stops, you will pay for both to stop. All those extra minutes add up with multiple person crews doing small jobs.

  10. 65hoss

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    2 people can do almost triple the work 1 person can. Especially if they are close together. At 3 per hour thats 24. With 2 people, I would be expecting 24-26 per 8 hrs.

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