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    Seeking a crew supervisor/Foreman for a commercial lawn maintenance crew in the Chicago suburbs Elgin Area. Work to start in mid March - mid/end November. Winter work also available.

    This will involve the supervision of a 2-3 man crew on a set commercial route all seasonal maintenace included. Must have experience in problem solving, maintenance scheduleing, experience with every peice of equipment in the trailer. Will have a vaild D/L with experience operating a two axle dump truck with trailer. This is a WORKING supervisor position, not a sit in the truck on your fat A#$ position. Varifiable references required.

    Spanish and english speaking will be nice but conversational english a MUST. This position will pay salary plus O/T for weekend work plus bonus. Company cell phone provided. Pay rate WILL be based on experience and performace.

    If you are looking to grow with a company and taking on additional responsibilies contact Ron at 630 675-2939 ASAP.
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    Position still open Interviews to start 1st week of March.

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