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  1. CriderLawn09

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    naahh if i get good price on it and it runs good i can paint any of them yellow lol but hey ive got one of all the american made lol And yea the old super duty the guys call her holly lol (first job we did with it they hauled a big load of holly shrubs off a landscaping job it stuck lol) but that thing was a basket case ive done everything to it replaced everything lol from floor pans to windshield wiper motors but its lik a new truck now i bought it dirt cheap and took a chance but i put a 7.3 non turbo in it out of a 93 international school bus and now its a hell of a truck!! as for the plow i dont think ill put one on her just a 2wd but i am gettin ready this summer to buy all new vbox spreaders for all the plow trucks and ill prolly put one in her for just salting only but id like to find me another 1 ton dump but 4x4 doesnt matter the brand lol but perfer a diesal no of any in the 90 models and up??
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    At the old day job I drove a 2wd 94 superduy turbo 7.3L manual trans with a 5:13 rear end, the owner hung a 9ft fisher off the front of it and it push more snow than his 4wd F550. You can plow with a 2wd you just need to put more ballist in back, we used chunks of spancrete.

    Does yours have a locker in it?
  3. CriderLawn09

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    No mine doesnt have a locker in it it will get stuck on wet black top lol but i have thought bout sticking some chains on the back and seeing how she does like that any experience with them??
  4. Graveslawncare

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    Congrats on the success, man. For the record, I believed you when you posted about your company on Proturf's thread. Sorry some of those guys were less than graceful. I'm impressed by what you accomplished.

    Picture-taking tip: In the daytime, turn the flash on the camera 'on' so the shutter moves faster and the pics will come out a lot clearer and not blurry Thumbs Up

    You were here in Nashville buying a Ferris??? You didn't happen to get it from 'Nashville Lawn Equipment' did you?? You ever come down this way again, definitely look me up!
  5. Swampy

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    We can't run chains in my area. But what I do know is they help out but give you a wicked rough ride.
  6. CriderLawn09

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    Hey man thanks alot i wasnt trying to breg by no means i just thought u were suppost to tell a little about ur self before you asked a question and the stuff i asked i thought was ligit questions i dont have any one around here that is est. as pro turf and will actually talk to me so id thought i ask him but i guess i got a little carried away with them guys at the end there i just cant stand someone that does not take me seriuosly idk all well lol but the pics i tokk were real crappy from my phone i took some more the other day while plowing with my camera and of the where my new shop is being built we broke ground last thursday hoping to have it completed by march!! ill post them when i get some time we r gettin a good little snow storm right now and we r gettin ready to head out in a few but yea i came dwn to tenn. the other day but no i bought that mower off of an older gentleman he bought it off a lawn company dwn there and said the mower scared him to death trying to ride on a sulkey lol but well i found a 48' ferris wb dwn there with trailer and all for 2000 but id lik to have a nother 52' with a 23hp kaw or bigger on it do you no anyone who has one for around 2k?
  7. CriderLawn09

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    Yea its pretty rural around here and they wont say much bout chains but my dad is retired from the local county road dept and thats what he said you can go anywhere with them but it aint no smooth ride
  8. RPM90

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    looks good man, you dont run any zero turns just walk behinds? why is that i love my lazer saves me so much time but i did notice that the guys get lazier when they are riding the lazer. i wantta see some pictures of the shop thats exciting, i just moved into a new shop of my own i rent it, but i got a hell of a deal around 1400 sq ft with free electric were going to build a bunch of shelves and nice work bench and table to sharpen blades etc. I know what you saying with giving all the old guys gray hairs, all the old guys around here hate me and my buddy thats a couple years older that i went to school with but i just keep hustling.
  9. Paragon Ridge

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    Do you go to college or did you decide that highschool was enough and go full time into your business?

    Im 20yrs old too and run a part time landscape & tree service company during the weekends and go to college during the week. Its hell trying to major in civil engineering while run a landscape company on the side, but once I get my degree I'll have something to fall back on.

    and damn 230 properties is a lot. I'm only in the double digits.
  10. CriderLawn09

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    Where im at its very hilly areas around here maybe 15-20% of my propertys we mow are fully zturn safely accessible i do have one 60 inch z mower i bought a while back but its my last one but ive found that when using walk behinds its way easier to tech employees how to run them alot easier to get them striping well with one too bc the wb pull them selfs in a straight line with a zturn you have steer it ur self and be able to hold a straight line and u have to have some experinece with one of course i can stripe with anything and im sure you guys can too but some of the dumb guys i get for help just cant get it with a zturn and also with a wb mowers the cut quality i think is alot better in my opion but thats just my thought in wet grass they seem to do alot better also with a wb u can virtually mow anywhere thats a smooth grade and u can walk on the ferris will go we put our mowers in some places u prolly shouldnt lol but the number ONE reason i use all wb is for safety issues, with the way workers comp is these days it can ruin a guy but if u get in trouble with a wb u simply can step off the sulkey and let the mower go and my guy wont get hurt but if u turn a zturn over even with the rops on it u are likley to get hurt bad i can replace a 7k dollar mower but one of my guys legs or feet, hands lives etc. i cant replace that and not to menchin i would be paying for it till the day i die lol. And on the shop we just broke ground last sunday and between the snow and the cold weather it seems lik a slow process but i took some pics the other day on my camera and i also took some of us plowing last nite and ill get them up asap.And 1400sqft? thats not bad and free ELECTRIC!! Sweetass deal man mines usaully bout $400-$500 a month so that would just bout cover your rent sounds good to me man!! And haha i was handing out Just For Men last nite plowing next to one of my big competers last nite lol jk but hey man post some pics of your stuff to id love to c it i could talk bout this stuff for hours haha!! Thanks man sorry we started off on the wrong foot btw.

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