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The impression that is conveyed to us by the<br>media over here is,that the U.S. is a crime<br>and drug infested war zone. They say that,if<br>I were to visit LA or New York I would probably get mugged or shot in a drive by<br>shooting.If I head to middle America I will<br>get shot by some militia nutter,or end<br>up in Jeffrey Dahmers fridge. <br>Is this true? <br>Over here murders,ect. still make the news.<br>I would like to visit the U.S. one day.<p>Have you been a victim of crime? Been mugged <br>on the job? Mowed Jeff Dahmers back yard and<br>survived? :)<p>Karl<br>


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Crime affects all of us I'm sure. Myself...I have had my car stolen, house burglarized, mugged in broad daylight (for my watch which was a Rolex copy worth $10). That was until I got smart and moved out of the city and started doing this! I think the news in the States tends to sensationalize crime since that's what people want to see. I know here in Philadelphia, the first 10 minutes of a half hour news is all crime. gets kinda depressing to watch the news after a while. Same old ****...different day.<p>I'm sure you've got your fair share down there like you said. Isn't that where the Brits sent all the &quot;rotten eggs&quot;? LOL Just kidding!


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Karl, what the hell's a matter with you? Haven't you ever seen Crocodile Dundee? I think he's an Aussie, right?? (its been a while) You can take any of these fools! Homer's right to, what would you be saying about your Austarilan Army if you couldn't hack walking the streets here!! (I know you have ugly camo uniforms compared to ours, but that's okay!) You'll do just fine Karl! And remember, You always have a place to stay for a visit in Europe!<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti

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Actually crime is down in America and if the US were such a bad place to live .. why are people dying to get here? Over the border from Mexico every night, dying in shipping containers, drowning at sea trying to get here. The greatest country on earth can't be all that bad.<p><br>Newspapers don't sell when they talk the good stuff about the country, so the bad overshadows the good in the press. Total population wise a very small fraction of people commit crimes, very small.


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Yep, I agree with the above post. The US has a population of over 260 million. A relatively small % of those people are crimminals. Usually only bad news make the headlines because it sells papers and attracts viewers. That being said lol, there are certain areas of towns and cities that you want to stay out of. Just go by the chamber of commerce or the police dept of the city you visit and get them to recommend those bad areas. Especially in New york city and LA etc. I have never been a victim of a major crime. Theft of equipment one time is all. But the News media has put unrealistic fear in peoples lives


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Karl,<br>Much of the violent crime (robbery, murder) are drug related. If you stay out of the &quot;hood&quot; you will be fine.<p>Places Ive heard bad stories about: South Chicago, South-central L.A., Stockton, CA. Gary, IN., East St.Louis, MO. South Atlanta. <p>Other than a Murder at one of my customers homes, I have been offered drugs once, and shooed away some punks trying to lift my Homelite trimmer (R.I.P), lost a tool box from an unlocked garage. That is it for my victim status.<p>


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The guys are right. Certain areas in large cities are best avoided. If you find yourself in one of those areas, keep driving, or if you are walking, be aware of your surroundings and look like you have a purpose--not gawking around like a tourist. And get to a more comfortable area quickly. If you are sight-seeing, you probably won't end up in a bad area anyway. Most cities try to put forth their best image to tourists, so follow the guides available. And by the looks of the large crowds of Japanese tourists here, Washington, DC must not be too bad. :)<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>

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Southside, if you miss the opportunity to see New York's Times Square at night because of what is reported in the media then that would indeed be a true crime. While it is true that there are horrible deeds done to people in our country every day the chances that it would occur to any one individual are astronomical. The bad is far outweighed by the beauty of America (re: God Bless America)and the true diversity that the makes the U.S. what it is.

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