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    What a timely report. Just watched the news. The British Government just released a report showing that their crime rate is nearly 2 time higher than ours in almost every catagory except murder. Wohoo(i think well maybe not) it also said that the police don't even record 1 out of 4 of their crimes. Now guns are getting more and more into the mix and they are saying that will lead to meyhem. While our crime rate has been coming down for the past 20 years. They also stated that 3 strike and you out has helped in the drop in our crime
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    i don't know about you guys...but i always wear my flak jacket when i truck has 2 inch( for an aussie add an exchange rate of about 36% and don't tell 'em you saw dingos at heirs rock if you don't know how many centimeters or kilos it is...!) haha i rarely lock my door and i live in seattle...
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    Richard is seattle is so safe how come they have guard towers in mall parking lots? haha oh waite that could have been in tacoma.
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    I also saw that special Charles saw. the crime rates in the other countries have been growing in europe, while in the us, they've been steadily dropping. they showed some footage and it was of the crazy soccer fans. we're lucky our crime rate isn't as bad as theirs.<p>Bryan
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    I grew up on the south side of Chicago and lived there for 28 years. The last 10 of that things began to get pretty bad so I moved 225 miles north to Wisconsin. There are places that you certainly would not want to go, day or night. I worked on the f.d.on the south side and have more than my share of stories that make you lose some faith in humanity. <br>But Karl the whole U.S. is not like that, in fact my greatest hazard now is hitting a deer while driving.
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    Yes I survived the Army.<br>Yes our uniforms were ugly,but they blend in<br>really well.<br>Paul Hogan (Crocodile dundee) is 60 years old<br>now.(Although there are plans for another sequel.) <br>Yes Australia was a convict colony.<br>Yes the media does blow a bit of smoke up our<br>arses from time to time.<br>If firearms are getting prolific in England<br>the the Brit cops are in a world of ****,as<br>they don't carry guns.<p>As time and funds allow,I would like to visit<br>the States.<p>Karl<p>

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