Criticize my door hanger please

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JRJFENCE, Jan 21, 2013.

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    My thinking is that a door hanger is meant for one purpose, to get the call. You can determine the customers needs and sell over the phone. I dont really need them to know EVERYTHING about what we do or who we are. Just a few things that I know my kind of client will want.
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    Spot on. Also, Set Apart, your door hanger is excellent. I feel that you really understand how to build an effective ad even if you're not a Photoshop expert. If I were a customer who needed lawn care, I would call you based on that door hanger alone. You instill trust in your customers.

    @OP your door hanger is pretty awful. If that's the best you could do before coming here and asking how to "tweak" it to make it better, you should hire a professional design service. You are only going to scare people away with that door hanger. I don't mean to offend you, but you have to hear the truth. You can get a pro to design you a nice door hanger for about $100. Do it.
    A full color, two-sided door hanger is the only way to go, and only costs maybe 25% more than a one-sided two color hanger.

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    leeson86, I have two companies, Landscape Design & Maintenance was recently opened so its not me false advertising. As far as the pesticide & herbicide I am in the process of taking my exams for them. I did my classes already, if you dug a little further into looking me up, you'd see I'm already a licensed fertilizer applicator. So exactly what do I need to get together?
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    OK, I was just confused about the two companies. I know you didn't ask for this sort of advice, but in general it's good to specialize. I mean, what's next, are you going to start a garage door company? Dog walking?

    Why did you decide to branch out into landscaping and lawn care (which in themselves are two very different things) from the fence building business. You don't have to answer, just think about it.

    That's good that you're getting licensed. Being a licensed fertilizer applicator though is not the same as a pesticide applicator, as you well know.

    I know I'm being hard on you, but it's good to have criticism that isn't sugar-coated. The people who were saying along the lines of "you spelled that word wrong" and such in regards to the door hanger are missing the point. You need to start over, or have someone else do it. If I got that on my door, I wouldn't even consider hiring you. It gives me the impression you are not specialized, meaning you offer a lot of services, but don't do any of them well. And that's without even knowing you have a deck business too.

    I do tree and lawn chemical applications exclusively, and I find it difficult to be an expert in just these two areas. I would prefer to just do tree treatments- I feel spread thin, knowledge-wise, keeping up in both fields. How can someone do all those things you list?

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    At my age I have alot of connections: engineers, construction, landscapers, masons, you name it and I more than likely have a number or two. So I branched out and opened up a landscape company because I know I have enough work to keep us busy. The guys working for me have been doing this for a long time so they know what they're doing. I didn't get upset or anything about your previous post I just needed to point out that I'm not doing this illegally and I know what has to get done and what not. As far as the brochure it's something that I did in about 5 minutes. I'll post the final product later. If you guys like it great if not that's fine too
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    OP your doorhanger has a long way to go to be effective. Color and photos are a MUST in the landscape business. But, are you really in LANDSCAPING or are you in LAWN CARE? they are two different things. a lot of guys around here are lawn maintenance providers, then somewhere along the line they decide they ought to offer "pavers". they go out and sell a couple hardscape jobs, and invariably, it's a disaster. their lack of experience shows big time. have you done actual landscape work? if so, you need NICE photos of your jobs on your marketing pieces.


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