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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by tj hall, Mar 22, 2014.

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    Only thing that catches my eye is the logo is a little fuzzy/pixelated. If you have Adobe Creative Suite w/ "Illustrator", or some other Vector-based drawing program, you can import the logo, convert it to a vector drawing, then increase it's size without distortion, re-save, re-upload to the site, and fuzziness should be gone.

    Site looks great either way! I just personally have background in digital imaging/graphic design so that caught my eye.
  3. tj hall

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    Thank you very much! Will take your advise and fix it!
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    your title tags are a missed opportunity (home page is just "Home", etc)

    needs to be clear on every page where you're located

    the wording of your philosophy needs tweaked. I'm reading it as you're not going to sacrifice your clients' financial commitment, which is, um... mighty big of you?

    My bigger issue is I really want to see you take advantage of the content opportunities you've set up on the about page. Each one of your bullet points could also be a link to a blog post on your site. I'm a treehugger but these are my reactions:

    - "We use propane powered lawn mowers which reduces green house gas emissions tremendously" - data? Studies? link to a blog post where you talk about that a little more, because I'm not going to take you at your word

    - "We offer sustainable mulch options such as eucalyptus" I REALLY want a post on this, because eucalyptus trees don't grow here. So tell me why it's a sustainable option if it needs trucked in from elsewhere, possibly across the country

    - "We incorporate native plant species in all of our landscape designs, which will allow your garden to thrive & limits the amount of harsh pesticides needed" years of research have me calling BS on assertions like this but you know what? Sell me.

    - "We recycle & compost material from jobs as much as possible" could be an awesome blog post, or a video if the compost site is impressive and active. Awesome content opportunity here, and I'm guessing folks would love to know what's recycleable.

    - "We encourage our clients to incorporate edible plants into their landscape, because it doesn't get any greener than growing your own food. " how do I do that? is what everyone in MD between DC and Baltimore wants to know. Show them! Seriously, people love love love this stuff.

    Beyond that it's an all right start. The colors are little in your face for me but that comes down to your taste and what your clients respond to. Logo should appear on more than just the home page, and as was mentioned, get a decent graphics file that looks crisp.

    a non-AOL email address would be good too.

    On Services, what are the little boxes at the end of each line? Are they supposed to be something that didn't come through?
  5. tj hall

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to give a thorough analysis of my site! Will make all the necessary changes, and expand on some of the details you were talking about. It is still in its infancy, and probably should of spent more time on definitions and details.
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  6. webeminence

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    There's a lot of blank space on the Services page

    The logo is pretty sharp but you should put it in the header of every page. I only see it on the home page currently.

    I'm not sure why, but when I scroll over the 3rd small picture at the bottom of the About page, the page shifts to the left. I'm using Chrome when I see this.

    I agree that you should take advantage of Titles more. They should be longer than one word for sure.
  7. tonygreek

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    - You have a crazy high height set (1963px), or being invoked, on your Services page, creating that vast expanse of white. Also, the light green footer bar, present on other pages, is not on there. You might look to see if something's broken, causing both issues.

    - Logo isn't on sub pages.

    - Subjective, but... a green grass photo header doesn't offer much, when coupled with that green, gradient background. Read: there's no contrast.

    - You look to be loading 20+ Google fonts. That's 10x too many and, in my experience, might be a new record. :)

    - Use higher-quality images. What you have looks grainy and/or overly color "modified" (your home page image has better, higher-resolution versions for sale.).

    - Download the Moz Beginner's Guide to SEO, read it, and apply what you learn. Start with your TITLE tags.
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