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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by kawakx125, Mar 2, 2013.

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    I am nowhere near finished with this, but before I go too far I would like some constructive criticism on the layout, things I might want to add, take away, etc. I am currently in the process of switching the services page to one with descriptions. this is my first attempt at a site, i'd like it to look fairly good. I am just a part time gig, and with the baby on the way don't have the cash to pay for a true designer. wanted to get something to print on my marketing material and give customers somewhere to look if they are intrigued. I plan on adding a blog and photo gallery once the season gets underway.
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    So far I like it...clean, simple, to the point and the content is well-written which, to me, says alot about the company. Don't forget a media section to post pics or vids of your work. This is kinda jumping ahead but look into search engine optimization (SEO) for your website to help get it higher in the search engine rankings.
  3. Blade Runners

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    Sorry, didn't fully read your post where you talked about adding a photo gallery and a blog before I posted the first time. You are on the right track and seems like you have done your research. A blog will help considerably with rankings. Good Luck.
  4. kawakx125

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    thanks man, I intend on adding a blog and photo gallery once the season starts and I can get some pics of customers lawns. I literally made this in a couple hours, and i wanted to convey the personable feel. Right now my plan is to change the ''services'' page to descriptions like i did with the ''mowing page''. I welcome any criticism as this is my first site and i'm flyin blind. the goal was simple and easy to read, yet appealing. i can't stand sites with crap flashing in the background or hard to read stuff. just a simple place for customers to go that may want more information than i can fit on a door hanger or business card.
  5. kawakx125

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    weebly has some SEO tools available, i've played with it some but i got some more research to do lol. so far it sounds like jibberish to me
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    I agree with you. You need some great photographs. Preferably with your truck in the background. Try to find an attractive woman and cute kids and dog looking delighted at their freshly mowed lawn.

    Try to claim that professional mowing even with big heavy equipment is better for the lawn, than customer
    mowing it themselves.

    You do not quote a price or offer free estimates--why should anybody call?
    Explain "renovation" customers do not usually understand the term.
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    Work on SEO, is not just about having a webiste but very important that the sites code has the keywords you want to target in your area.
    I took a look at your code and there are <style> tags in your body.
    if you can create style sheets and link them in your header, that will help with the SEO.

    trust me i not only take care of properties but i use to be into website development and marketing.

  8. westerfield

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    google crawler can not read flash so basically you don't have any way of promoting your site and ranking up in google so the only point of having your site is just to show people that already know you but no one will find you in google and give you a call
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    I don't know, to me "free estimate" is clutter. It's like an irrigation co saying their water is wet. I seriously doubt someone is looking at the site and thinking "crap, nothing on here about free estimates, I wonder how much they cost?" It's assumed that estimates are free. I will agree with you though that it needs a better call to action.

    I will say that I hate "Call, text, or email and we will get back with you as soon as possible." It's playing right into the stereotype of "good luck getting ahold of your landscape contractor." You may want to change it, something like "call, text, or email and someone will call you promptly to set up your free lawn care consultation." It's not an estimate it's a consultation - look at the professional! - and you're establishing that you're responsive.
  10. Blade Runners

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    Yeah I've read that about flash but there are other ways to take care of SEO. My site is #3 or #4 on the first page of google when you do a search for lawncare in my area and I don't pay a cent for advertising. The only sites above me are paid advertisements or major sites such as TruGreen, YellowPages, Yelp, Craigslist ads, etc.

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