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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jlouki01, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. jlouki01

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    This is an install SW Ohio.

    Fyi... the money ran out at the AC unit. Finished out the gutter spouts with River Rock. Just wasn't in the photo.

    1111 088.jpg

    1111 074.jpg

    1111 084.jpg
  2. teejet

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    How much for that? I would be at around 1000 for that.
  3. nlminc

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    Looks nice, but I would have moved the plants a little bit further away from the house and stagger them along the line. Did you leave that space in front for annuals?
  4. BrandonV

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    go with more gradual bed shapes you should be attempting to soften the corners of the house, not exaggerate them.
  5. ridgewood

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    Here is my critique:

    1. From the looks of it you are going to have issues with water collection at that down spout. You have created a new edge and now the water will pool in that area. Not so good.

    2. From looks of it you have weigla, topiary boxwoods, day lillies or liriope, and knockout roses. Oh and some other shrub that I cant make out. Anyways, the planting design just does not work here. If anything you should have gotten a nice focal point tree (weeping sand cherry, japanese maple, etc.) and put that on the front corner of the house. Even if that cost you all your budget, I still would have done that. It is basic design and will soften the edge of that house and creat a focal point.

    3. As someone already stated that front peninsula needs to be sculpted better and have more of a gradual turn. The shape and size are just off.

    4. You have some nice roses you planted, but its a waste. You are using them as a screen for the A/C. Never underestimate a bunching of ornamental grasses in this location. Go with something like Korean feather reed grass (Calamagrostis brachytricha). It will get to about 36 in high and have a light redish pink color. Perfect for hiding that A/C from the neighbors.

    5. Now for a the foundation plantings. Keep it simple. It looks like you need to screen the meters and some outlets. I like the idea of the double knockout roses. They will give you some height and good color. High on maintenance however. The day lillies are just going to be too small and wont give you that instant screening, they will over time though. So again keep this simple and go with all weigla or boxwood. And dont use the topiary boxwood on the side of the house like that. Its a waste of money.

    6. And I already see a big problem arising already. You are mounding that mulch high already. It needs to be level with the ground, it just doesnt look so great. My biggest pet peeve is mounds of mulch, wether its a mulch volcano or at the foundation of the house. Use your plants to create height and shape, not the mulch.

    Anyways, I know things are always budget dependent. But keep it simple and basic, especially on the side of the house like this where screening the meters, outlets, a/c unit is the most important thing. Good luck.
  6. White Gardens

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    I agree with Ridgewood. He's pointed out some flaws that you might need to take into consideration on your next project.

    You planted things in three, but you came out with "block" of plants that looks too ridged to me, but that is mostly my own opinion.

    I also would have skipped the spireas on the corner and done something taller rather than stay short.

    Also, like stated, your planting are too close to the house.

    The cut edge is O.K. but you might need to go back in the spring and clean up your lines when the grass in the back gets growing, and when the turf comes out of dormancy.

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