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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by gthompson, Apr 6, 2008.

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    I was quoting a property this evening and there were 2 sections of the yard that had what looked like little "trails" contained in about 6' squares (sorry, I didn't have the camera tonight). The owner said both locations had high snow banks there because it was where they shoveled the snow from the walkways. The little pathways are about 1.5-2" wide and grass was dead having been beat down to the topsoil. It looks like if you were to lay a shovel handle on the grass in the fall and move it the next spring, same width and results to the grass. First thought it could be from runoff but it can't be that due to the placement in the yard. Due to the randomness of the patterns and the fact that it's worn down to the soil I was thinking maybe mice lived there for the winter and this was the result of plowing their highways!? I didn't see any holes at the ends of the trails but I didn't survey them all. Or maybe early in winter ice formed in this pattern and just compressed as more snow piled up, dunno. Or disease of some sort. Anyway, sorry I don't have pics but does this sound familiar?
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    Look up fairy rings and see if thats what it is. I am a little confused by your description.
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    Damn, that looks just like that carpet I remember as a kid...we used to drive Matchbox cars along the lines like roads!!

    I bet you thats what he is describing...I didnt understand his thread, but I went more off the title.
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    Joe, that is exactly what it looks like. I was searching mice/mouse but didn't search shrews. Thanks for answering!
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    Lawns here look like that every spring. It is always worse where the snow is piled as they stay under the piles for the most part.
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    Voles, Shrews and Field Mice will all tunnel like that under snow banks in the winter.

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