Cross Reference JD Oil Filter

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    JOHN-DEERE AM107423 replacement oil filters:AC-Delco PF1233AC-Delco PF2127AC-Delco PF2128AC-Delco PF2246AMSOIL EAO09ARCTIC CAT 3005-948AUTOEDGE AL4967Autolite for Oil Filters AL4967AUTOPAR FE254AUTOPAR FE308AUTOPRO 2394Baldwin B33Baldwin B7165Beck/Arnley 041-0750Beck/Arnley 041-8066BIG A 92394BIG A 92395Bosch 72167BRIGGS & STRATTON 499532BRIGGS & STRATTON 692513BRIGGS & STRATTON 820314CAM2 C4476Canadian Tire 17-1717-2CARQUEST 85394CARQUEST 85395CASITE CF308CASITE CF410CASTROL CAS4967CENEX CO2840ChampLab PH2840ChampLab PH3656CLUB CAR 1016467CROSLAND 2077CUSHMAN 833438DEFENSE DL4967DELPHI FX1006DENSO 115010-1291DENSO 115010-16020DENSO 115010-1780DENSO 115010-5480DENSO 150-1000DEUTSCH D368Donaldson P502015Donaldson P502024Econo Lube L22821EVERGARD E4476FLAG C-4967Fleetguard LF3614Flying F PH4967AZFram PH4967GENERAC 070185GENERAC 070185BGENERAC 070185DGENERAC 70185GRAND PRIX PH2840GRAVELY 43594Grease Monkey GM22821Group 7 V4476Group 7 V4477HARLEY-DAVIDSON 63806-00YHASTINGS LF410HIFLO HF128HIFLO HF177IAPCO OF1IPD 10131ITM 11-11514JIFFY LUBE HL4967JIFFY LUBE JL4476K & N HP-1003K & N KN-128KAWASAKI 16097-1069KAWASAKI 45065-2071KAWASAKI 49065-2060KAWASAKI 49065-2068KAWASAKI 49065-2071KAWASAKI 49065-2072KAWASAKI 49065-2075KAWASAKI 49065-2076KAWASAKI 49065-2077KAWASAKI 49065-2078KAWASAKI 49065-7004KAWASAKI 49065-7010KOHLER 359771LAZORLITE L11-1899LEE LF-2840LEE LF-2840HPLUBER-FINER LFP8176LUBER-FINER PH2840LUBER-FINER PH3656Lucas Girling F6586MANN ML 1009Mann Filter ML 1009Mann Filter W68/80Master Parts PH-2840Mechanics Circle MOF 4967MERCRUISER 35-822626T7MERCRUISER Q15MERCURY 35-8222626Q15MERCURY T653945MICROGARD MGL4967MIGHTY M4477MILEGUARD MO4967MOBIL M1-103MOBIL MO4477MOPAR FE00308Motor Trend ML4967MOTORCRAFT FL 836NAPA 1065NAPA 1394NAPA 1395OE+ OF-440OMC 434839OMC 5033539OMC 778886ONAN 122-0737ONAN 122-0737-02Parts Master 61394Parts Master 61396Parts Plus PH2840PENNZOIL PZ-39PERFORMAX PO-39PHILLIPS 66 PO1394POWER FLO SL14477PRO/GAUGE PGO-4476PRO-TEC 154PROMOTIVE PH4476Purolator L14476Quaker State QS4967ROBIN 248-65801-00ROBIN 261-65902-AOROCKHILL 61394SECURITY SO-2840SELECT 500 L1394SERVICE 1 OF4477SERVICE PRO M4476SHELL SH525SIERRA 18-7897SIERRA 18-7906SIERRA 18-7906-1SIERRA 18-7916SILVERLINE 21394STP S4967SUPERTECH ST4967TCI C0120-00013TOKYO ROKI CO LFS706TRUST PH2840UNOCAL PF2874VALVOLINE VO40VERA 10-01618WAKO INDUSTRIAL LO-430KWARNER PH2840Wix 51360Wix 51394Wix 51395YAMAHA 69J-13440-00-00

    OE Part numbers matching this oil filter:
    Daihatsu 15601-87204-000Daihatsu 15601-87703General Motors GM 25161880General Motors GM 88971573General Motors GM 90080-91058General Motors GM 94847351General Motors GM 94851874General Motors GM 94853643General Motors GM 94858995John Deere AM105555John Deere AM107423John Deere AM39687John Deere ET15499Suzuki 16510-82703Toyota 08922-02002Toyota 08922-02005Toyota 15600-16020Toyota 90080-91034Toyota 90080-91058Toyota 90080-91210Toyota 90915-03001Toyota 90915-10001Toyota 90915-10003Toyota 90915-10004Toyota 90915-TA001Toyota 90915-TA002Toyota 90915-YZZA2Toyota 90915-YZZF2Toyota C0120-00013
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    How about a john deer la115 oil filter cross reference?
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    This is a bit dated-
    Kawasaki 3/4" X 16 threads Gasket 2.475"OD 2.173"ID 0.233" thick.
    Length" Wix Purolator Hastings Baldwin AC MotorCraft JD Walmart
    2.98" 51394 L14476 LF410 B33 PF1233 FL836 AM107423 ST4967
    3.4" 51396 L14477 LF413 B37 NA NA NA ST4386

    WIX makes NAPA Gold and CarQuest Blue filters. (identical except for the paint job)
    For a NAPA filter, use the last 4 digits of the Wix#
    For a CarQuest filter, replace the first 2 digits of the Wix# with 85
    Example. Wix 51348 becomes CarQuest 85348 or NAPA Gold 1348

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