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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jannan, Jun 5, 2001.

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    In reference to my last post on crosreferencing Toro/Exmark parts. I understand what you are saying, and if you don't have a cross reference list, you can't give it too me, but in that case I will be forced to use non OEM parts from suppliers such as J Thomas etc. At least if I had a cross reference list we could at least keep it in the company. Now that we have a Toro dealer here, and no access to Exmark parts close by, I may be forced to buy Toro machines when I really prefer Exmark. I should think that there is some way I could crossreference the parts since they are used on both brands of machine. I'll understand if you don't wish to answer this post, I just wanted another chance to get my point across. Thanks
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    This would be a nice thing to have as I have the Proline 48 Exmark (fixed) with T-Bar steering. And a great dealer of each Exmark and Toro.
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    I do not like the idea of not helping you. Please do me a favor and call our Customer Service Department directly at (800) 667-5296. I suggest you speak with a gent named Paul Jurgens. He may be able to guide you a little better than myself. I would guess he has encountered this question/request and may be able to better take care of you......


    John Cloutier
  4. jannan

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    Thank you very much. That was the response I was hoping to receive. I will contact him soon.

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