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    i am at a crossroad in life i think i am ready to tell my current employer to stick it, and do installs full time. i guess i am a little scared though because i have a real good job for the area i live in. i was wondering if any of you been through this and what did you do. by that i mean i do have bills that i got to pay plus a family to take care of. on the other hand i feel like i could do so much more if i didnt work at my job because we work 12 hour nights so i have to plan everything around this. not to even touch the subject that i dont like my job. so for all of you that are sitting there drinking coors beer just think that i could be at home in bed if you would just drink miller or bud. thank for you insight
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    Don't burn the bridge
    Give two weeks notice.

    There is more to the business than just doing installs,you still may need those late nights to do paper work and advertising.
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    Yep I hear ya. I'm pondering the same thing. Easier said than done for sure, but still very tempting.
    Good luck with your decision, I know it's a hard one.


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