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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by clyde, May 2, 2004.

  1. clyde

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    hey guy's
    i just installed 4 rather large beds a week ago.

    my clients and i think some kind of structure like crossties(the ones about 4x4inches and how ever long, with 4 rounded corners) would look great to finish it.

    I am estimating on going up to about 3 rows in some parts of the design but it amounts to about only 40% of the the over lay out , with the rest being about 1 or maybe 2 rows in heigth.

    how much should i charge at each connection and maybe each row and how would i fasten the structure firmly to the ground.

    i have gotten measturements of the beds but have not had the time to estimate. i might ad that to this post as soon as i have the chance.



  2. D Felix

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    Estimate how long it will take you to install. Take that amount times your hourly rate. That's your labor for the job.

    Figure out what materials will cost you. Since you will have time involved picking them up and delivering them to the site, mark them up 25-50% (hardscape materials only, plants we mark up 100% of wholesale cost). Don't forget tax, whether you absorb it or pass it along to the client.

    Add your materials and labor and submit price to the client.

    Or, do it all on a T&M basis, and don't worry about estimating low.

    As for installation, use 1/2 rebar to anchor into the ground. Use a little bit of gravel to level each 4x4, but make sure it's compacted well. To connect multiple courses, either use pole barn spikes or 6" timber screws. I prefer the screws, they are easier and faster than spikes.

    Are you sure you want 4x4's and not 6x6's?

    Use the search feature to find more info on timber retaining walls....

  3. clyde

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    Thanks Dan

    ya i ll search real quick

    the thing is i have pretty much done everything except for a timber retaining wall for beds and wasn't quite sure how long it would take . Say if u had 10 connects with the screws as u said , how long would that take to fasten u think with 2 guys out there?


    Clyde :blob3:
  4. D Felix

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    With base course already in place, not very long. No cutting involved, just put 'em down, line 'em up, screw 'em down, probably less than 2 hours. More like an hour, most likely.

    That's with 3-4 screws per 8' board. And it's just a guess, but probably fairly accurate.

    Cutting takes the most time.


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