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    any of you guys own/use crushers? have they been a profitable adventure? anyone here ever used red rhino crushers ( they are a portable mini-crusher series 4000 and 5000 ).
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    Those Rhino crushers are way too small plus the fact they are jaw crushers which really don't produce a good product. You need a jaw crusher to break the material down then feed a cone crusher which crushes the material even smaller.

    As for rock crushing being profitable you think of it this way work 8 hours then 8 hours of maintenance.
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    I think crushing for hire would be somewhat profitable given that you can offer a package deal. Bring in an excavator to initially demo the material, break it down to a size that the crusher can handle, and feed the crusher with another machine. More or less a completely mobile operation, but then you have to get rid of the material that was crushed. Obviously selling the crushed material as roadbase or something alone those lines is definately the way to go, you may have to truck the material back to your yard to keep until you can sell it. Never works out how you want, you can never sell extra material when you need to and you can never get extra material when you need it. Funny how that works out.
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    We always hire out a local company with a massive Terex-Pegson crusher that weighs over 105,000 lbs, he charges out at over $425 per hour, his crusher has a jaw opening of 48", quite impressive when you throw a round 2 foot rock into it.
    What we will do is haul all our little loads of concrete to a local farmer who already has a good pile of concrete from over the years and charge everyone who hauls loads in a dumping fee, we figured it takes 15 minutes to crush an average truck load of concrete so we will charge $100 per load plus $25 for the excavator time to load the crusher, if the customer wants their concrete back as fill, we'll just charge them for trucking, nothing more, if we do it right we can send 3 days crushing and hauling the crush to different job sites needing cheap gravel for drive ways.

    I got pics coming up from another big one that's happening this week yet or next.
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    You really have to watch with crushed concrete and the enviromental rules. The dust is what the enviomental guys don't like if its washed its fine but if its concrete fines they don't like it. When it comes to asphalt thou the rules are different you can crush it to 3/4 inch road base and use it but you can't bury broken up asphalt as in large chunks that is illegal get caught and your looking at some fines.

    Talking about crushers the one mine is getting one of the largest jaw crushers in Western Canada it can be set up to take a rock the size of a 4 door sedan :laugh:

    They are not going to set it up that way thou because the smaller jaw crusher it feeds won't handle the volume.

    There is also a contractor in the area has a similar crusher to what Bobcat Ron mentioned. They will go to your site and crush material but you have to have lots of material to crush to make it worth while. One of the projects they brought the crusher down to they produced 6 inch minus then brought another crusher to produce 3/4 road base. I can't remember how many tons but it was enough to finish grade couple kilometers worth of road.

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