crystalized efflorescence

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Kevmetro, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Any tip's of how to get rid of this stuff and keep it away.

    I'm going to presure wash to clean the mortar joints and chip away the efflorescence. If the joints are bad I will grind them out and repoint.

  2. northjerseymonster

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    There is no real way to keep efflorescense from returning. It is a natural byproduct of moisture pushing out minerals from within concrete or in your case the mortar
    Use a coarse bristle acid brush and a 5 gal bucket of water with 1/8 white vinegar. Scrub and wash with a hose. You may increase your mix ratio until you get a satisfactory result.
    I would not powerwash as that will only inject more moisture into the concrete.
    Stronger acid based cleaners are also available however you always run the risk of etching.
    After some time the efflorescence should stop.
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    I bet that is a northern exposure and the steps don't recieve alot of direct sun. Is there any way to bring more light to the steps, like removal of tall shrubs or a tree. To remove the eff. you will need a good bristle brush some eff. remover and maybe a putty knife if its really caked on. Pressure washing with hot water will also help in the removal.

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