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    Hey guys I herd in CT you need an arborist license to do any type of bush or tree work including planting or moving trees and bushes and pruning and trimming bushes and hedges is this true ?
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    somebody is pulling your leg.

    Unless they changed the law like yesterday…ummm no.

    A former business partner of mine is still an arborist in CT

    moving trees, bushes, pruning, trimming, hedges… a llll landscaping stuff
    no arborist Lic needed.

    you can cut up branches and run a chipper etc etc.

    When It comes to felling trees, diagnosing tress, injecting, bugs, etc etc?
    I do not recall where the line is actually? because I always had a licensed arborist (we went to 11 years of school together…I've known him longer than I know anyone alive, with the exception of my uncle and my sister)

    but no…someone is pulling your chain on the planting and pruning thing.
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    if you diagnose deices, prune trees, do any kind of treatments on trees you have to be a preside applicator and an arborist i believe. you can drop **** and not be one tho
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    Hello tree Fans its your local Newtown, CT arborist. Yes it is very true in the state of Connecticut a person is required to have an arborist license through the State of Connecticut if you are providing tree trimming, cabling or pest management for hire. This license is a complete separate entity from the International Society of Arboriculture. It requires a passing a written exam followed by a outside in the field tree identification, followed by a oral review exam.
    Best of luck to all of you!

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