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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Canoe, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, I'm new to the site but not to forums. I know these can be some of the best places to find the most accurate information available... Hope this one is no different.

    I live in CT and I'm interested in purchasing a 16' 14k# GVWR gooseneck dump trailer. Does anyone have any first hand experience with any sales centers around here? I'm not STUCK on any one brand. I have done a lot of research and it looks like "TEXAS PRIDE" makes some nice trailers and shoot for the cost its looking like a trip to TX is worth it comparable to some quotes I've gotten in the Northeast.

    Shipping from the south and southwest is what drives the prices up for those that live in N/E, perhaps someone knows of a manufacturer located up here?

    :usflag: THANKS
  2. ParkWelding

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    Try Trailers Inc. in Cairo, NY. They are probably a couple hours drive but there current inventory shows a 14K gooseneck Load Trail in stock. Google them and you can get the phone number. Always great prices.
  3. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    Ive bought 2 trailers there. Theyre pretty good. YOu wouldnt catch me going to texas, maybe if it was free... still no actually
  4. kps2389

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    Limberger Trailers in Ellington, CT or Troys Trailers which I think is in Farmington,CT

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