Ct ? rates


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any of you from Connecticut? If you are what do you charge on lawns here?
i moved from a area where 1/2- 3/4 lots are average. where i live now all the lots are 1,2,3,4 + acres. i dont want to under bid , any ideas? thanks :rolleyes:


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no , I live in Lebanon , i was in cromwell my whole life. I worked for a landscape company there, our jobs were mostly in cromwell. middletown, rockyhill, etc. we were charging
1/4 $40
1/3 $45
1/2 $50
2/3 $55
3/4 $60
one acre $ 70

I cant see charging someone $100 a week.


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Atlanta, GA
Curious what's included for $50 on a 1/2 acre lot. That's not all that big. Does it include bagging clippings, edging beds, etc, weed control, pruning, etc.

Depending on turf type and conditions I mow/trim/edge/blow most 1/2 lots here in Atlanta in 30-40 min with good equipment matched to the job.

I assume costs of doing business and living are higher in CT.


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If you have a Z, the size of a residential turf area is less important than how much line trimming and blow off you will have to do. These 2 items have the most impact on how long it takes to service a given property than whether its a 1/3 acre or a half acre since Z's are so productive and fast. If we are unsure how to bid a larger residential property, we walk it as though we were trimming it and then blowing it off. Then we add the mowing time. Often a larger turf area of a given property is bid lower than a smaller proptery with planting beds all over. The devil is in the details on every property