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CTL Buckets

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Need another (maybe two) heavy duty bucket for CTL. Looking at 78" or 84". I've got the Bradco Heavy Duty on the TAK. Its well made but just double checking on the dealer's pricing.

Give up the 411 on your favorite place to buy these. I do not want anything cheap.

BTW-The work volume is up, I'm estimating and looking at quite a few things. I was talking with my Komatsu Dealer today on a rental rate for a WA250 wheel loader and he said things were very, very busy the past 3 weeks. They shipped 8 rental machines yesterday and today.
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Virnig and Allitec both make excellent buckets. A guy here has an Allitec on his VTS 70XT. I really liked that bucket. Built much like the Bradco.
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