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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by reky, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. reky

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    I know this is the forum for Hustler and I enjoy my 20/52 Fastrak a lot, but I am looking at a CTL turfrunner model Super 22D and wondering if anybody has ever heard of it and would give me some feedback on reliability how to obtain parts etc. I am keeping my fastrak but this mower has a kubota diesel engine and it has a blower attachment to it for leaves. I found out that it is made in Kansas as is Hustler so I did not know if maybe it is made by Hustler or some other manufacturer because I have never heard of CTL. If anyone knows anything about this mower I would appreciate any info.
    Thanks, Eric
  2. mowerconsultant

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    That is a company that I have not heard of in a long time.
    They were made in Kansas, but not by Hustler.
    I unfortunately do not know if they are still in business.
    I would do some searching in Google to find more info.

  3. PWM

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    CTL was bought by the Alamo group over five years ago and discontinued immediately.
  4. jneedham

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    You can contact Bob Moses at 913 709 1569 for information and/or parts.

    Jim Needham
    Kansas City Power Products
  5. tbnlc

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    I have a ctl turf runner 4500 D and like it, i had heating problem, it keep over heating then i put a new radiator on and it solved the problem. Its a cutting machine. The machine is build well, bob build the mower out of part you can find any like napa or other parts stores, bob has been very helpful when i do need a part i can tell him what is wrong and he will tell me where i can find the part at
  6. themanhollywood1

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    I have a CTL - Turfrunner model- 25G - I'am looking for a Parts Dealer for this product. I'am in need of a electric PTO Clutch - CTL part number 405-008 I sure would appreciate some information on parts for this machine. Thank You !!!
  7. themanhollywood1

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    Jim I'am in need of a PTO electric clutch for a CTL TurfRunner - model # 25G - part # 405-008 I hope you can help me out!!! Thank you !!! John Hargan.
  8. mowerconsultant

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    Jim isn't with Kansas City Power anymore, this is a older post.
    Your best bet is going to be to try and find the company that made the clutch.


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