Cub Cadet 21" 6-Speed: Wheels Lock Up in Reverse

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by NTL1991, May 3, 2011.

  1. NTL1991

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    I've checked many forums and done quite a bit of research on this very problem, and I have heard of many other people (with newer mowers, too) with this same problem, yet I have not once seen a solution...

    My Cub Cadet's wheels lock up when I pull it backwards. (With the drive control disengaged, of course). Sometimes I can pull it back 20 feet, sometimes 2 feet. I have a perfectly level yard, so there are no slopes to mess up the ratcheting gears in the drive wheels.

    Usually when this happens, when I want to go forward again, when I engage the drive control handle, I'll get a loud banging "click" noise, and I'll hear the engine bog down a little bit from the belt engaging, but the mower wont propel forward. I'll have to engage and release the drive control handle a few times, and then It'll take off.

    Also, it's always done this, but is it normal for the gears in the wheels to ratchet (and click, click, click...) when I push the mower forwards manually? (Just want to be sure the ratchets are on the right side...)

    I took the transmission apart, removed the old grease, and put new grease in the transmission housing and in the chain and sprocket housing.

    I love the cut that the mower gives, the castoriing wheels, electric start, etc., I even stripped it down and repainted it... I'd hate to have to put it on the road...

    It's an SC621E, by the way. Model Number: 12AE969F100. They still sell this same mower. Mines from 1997.

  2. jkason

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    Does this model have those stupid nylon straps under the hub caps/wheel covers that engage the ratchets?

    If so, replace them - they don't hold their shape forever.
  3. chuacro

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    Welcome to the new world of cub cadet. Used to be the commercial mower to the home owner.
  4. IS500Z

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    Cub made some great items years ago when IH owned them. Today they are king of the junk pile.
  5. NTL1991

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    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for the replies. It does have those nylon "springs" under the hubcaps. I purchased new springs for both sides last fall. I replaced the drive belt, drive clutch cable, 6-speed cable, the two ratcheting pawls in the wheel housings which the nylon springs are inserted into.

    When I got the mower from a friend who did small engine repair back in 1999 or so, the pawls in the wheels were removed, so it didn't self-propel. I build a lot of muscle pushing this heavy mower every week for 5 years. So I purchased all of the bits that were missing to get it to self-propel again. It propelled forward fine, but I kept getting this wheel locking in reverse.

    It clicks when I manually push the mower forward. Is this normal? Shouldn't I be getting the ratcheting of the pawls when I'm pulling it backwards?

    So it seems that the vast majority feel that MTD has ruined Cub Cadet... That's sad. The reason I bought the Cub back then was because I always heard they were the best a consumer could buy... I still see lots of older Cub Cadet lawn tractors around, before MTD bought them out.


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