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Cub Cadet 2185 Kohler 18 hp regulator testing


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Spartanburg, SC
I have a kohler 18 hp on a Cub Cadet 2185 and need to know how to test the regulator. The part number on the regulator is 41 403 09 and it has three tabs for wires coming out of it. The 1st and 3rd are marked AC and have the wires from the stator hooking to them. The 2nd is marked B+ and has the wire that charges the battery hooked to it. Think all my information is correct, need help testing this thing.

P.S. The reason I need to test this is that I have some sort of short that is blowing fuse and heating up wire that comes of the middle of the regulator. I have tested the stator (got about 52 volts A/C, no continuity when grounding voltmeter to engine block and checking each stator wire). Had a guy look at it and he seems to thing keyswitch is causing short and has fried regulator.

Thanks in advance,



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Sorry Bryan, But there is no test for the regulator alone, If the stator checks good which is what your AC output says and you have battery voltage to the regulator you then replace it. You can put your meter leads on the battery post and start the unit and run at full throttle, 14.9 volts would be about the maximum you would want. And it's not a bad idea to check the spade marked B on the ignition switch for rust which would show a possible burnt contact inside.