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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jims47, Apr 28, 2005.

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    I thought I would ask here as there seems to be a lot of knowledgable people on here. A neighbor is haveing his lawn done with a lawn service, he has a Cub Cadet 3206, with 22hp Kohler command engine, triple bagger, 46 inch deck and a unused 44" two stage snow blower(I think it is 44"). He offered to sell it to me and told me to make him an offer. He stated he paid $6000 originally for the tractor. I offered him $3050 and he accepted. The tractor was always garaged and washed off after each use(not with a pressure washer) he even waxed it every two mo. It has 126 hours on it and in all honesty looks to be new. My question, did I offer too much??? He accepted right away and now I think I may have offered too much. It is too late but I would like to be reassured. I have a little over 3 acres to mow, all level.
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    It sounded like you did great, but I did a quick check and found 2 for had a 20 HP/44" deck with bagger, 118 hrs., on eBay for a Buy Now price of $3999.99. The other was $3450, engine and deck size unknown. Both were 2000 model year.

    Looks to me like you did great....the snow blower was free, apparently.
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    Yes , I guess the snowblower is free according to the prices you listed. This looks like a really heavy duty tractor, I cut my lawn with it and it did a really nice job. Even put the stripes on it, I guess from the big roller(long) on the back of the deck. I am quite confident in it as he always had the dealer, who came and picked it up, service it. I think, didn't ask, this is a 2000 model also. He had it when I moved here in 2003. Thanks for your reply!

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