Cub Cadet 48" wing mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLCS, Jan 19, 2005.

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    I saw in Turf where Cub Cadet is making a new 48" z turn with a retractable wing. The deck is suppose to retract to 35.5" to fit through gated lawns. Comes with a 23hp kohler too, seems like plenty of power. Does anyone have one yet? Their website says it goes for $6500 retail.
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    Great dane has a 52" Gateway walkbehind and Hustler also offer 48" Gatestar just wonder who has tried one and how good are they ??? Big Bucks $$$$ ????see The Promag product profiles 2004.
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    $6500 -- I was hope'n it would be less
  4. elamey

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    I talked to a Cub Cadet Sales person today. This mower does exist and they are going to start promoting it at the next big national show.

    He told me the following. The mower blades will "swing" like a bush hog. The spindles don't move so the blades swing back to make the 35.5 inch width.

    He said the wings are hooked to an actuator via a cabling system. The wings go up and down with a switch. But the spindles do not move.

    My questions: Will the "swinging" blades cut as well as a solid blade mower? Do they have a mulching kit? Are cub cadets as durable as other professional mowers like scag or exmark?

    I'm just not familar with cub cadet in a commercial setting. If anyone has any comments on quality of cut and durability of the machine I would sure appreciate it. I'm really interested in one of would solve a lot of problems if it actually works.

    Thank you!!
  5. grass-scapes

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    I saw one at GIE in November. The blades are on a round plate and attach with a bolt or something. They are free moving. The centrifugal force will keep the blades out. The only problem I could see with that is thick, tall grass. It may cause the blades to "bounce" backwards. Looked pretty slick, but may not be worth the extra expense.
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    Thanks for doing that.

    My dealer has a half dozen on order and this machine is at the top of my list for a new mower this spring. I want to see it in action, first. As far as cub commerical quality, I've had 2 commerical cubs for the last 8 years and they work fine, do a fine job. I have no problem buying a new one. My dealer says this is the #1 most asked about new piece of equipment. I do a lot of gated lawns, and while it might not be practical for a lot of guys, it would be a versatile and multi purpose machine.

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