Cub Cadet 8.5 hp w/b ?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by vaham, Jun 16, 2005.

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    I have searched using several keywords to no avail...... so I need one of you "old hands" to straighten me out. I read a want ad for a used Cub Cadet w/b, 33" w 8.5 hp elec start.
    I was sure that the 8.5 hp was a typo. I called about the machine. It is a 36", the owner says, but "really" only cuts 33". The engine is a B/S I/C 8.5 elec start. She walked out to the mower, phone in hand, and read it to me.
    Turns out they have had it for a couple of years, bought it as a trade-in from a mower shop a couple of years ago. Guy at the shop apparently welded a blocker plate over the discharge chute for some unknown reason. I asked her if he had also replaced the motor, but she was fairly certain it was original.

    I am highly suspicious that the mower shop put a smaller motor on the frame, then swapped in smaller dia. blades to get a clean cut with the reduced hp.

    Can anyone educate me ? Did Cub make castered 36" w/b with an 8.5 Briggs ?

    When were the I/C's first marketed ? memory tells me somewhere around '89-'91..



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