cub cadet commercial?


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What is this cub cadet stuff . commercial ztr's, i saw it in the last issue of landscape management . it look nice but deep down all i can think is MTD.

what do you guys know about the mtd. commercial equipment?



Cub Cadet is the same as Mtd for the most part. Some different engine and deck options and a new colour paint but essentially they are the same machines.
You will find many comments with the search feature on Mtd.

A guy in my area has 3 original cub cadet hydro wb's. They are 54" floating decks with loop steering and 16hp briggs. They must be around 10 yrs old now. The old models were discontinued yrs ago and these new ones are not the least bit similar.

On the up side, they have a great web site and being able to download a colour brochere is handy.

A dealer has a Cub Cadet 25hp koh 60" ztr on sale for $9000 canadian. It is a demo unit and has 46hrs. He has had it for over a year and might sell for less.

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