Cub Cadet Enforcer 48 cutting problem?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pennington Lawncare, May 11, 2008.

  1. My 2007 Enforcer cuts good grass very well but, if there are onions or dandelions or other round stemmed weeds in there then they often times don't get cut off or at least not to the same height as the grass.

    I believe my Enforcer has the OEM high lift blades and I was wondering if Gator blades would help to cut those tough stemmed weeds any better. I just hate to have anything sticking up after I've made a fairly slow pass. I can go fairly fast in good grass and it cuts very well but, I can go slow in weed infested grass and it still doesn't mean it will cut everything cleanly.

    Yes, my blades are sharp and this mower has cut like this since new. I have a friend who has a Toro 48 inch cut ztr with the same 21 hp Kawasaki engine and I believe his blades spin faster and I don't believe he has as much of a problem with those kinds of weeds. My engine's rpm is around 3400 with the blades engaged in case a little tuning to raise the rpm might in turn help with my blade speed.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At this point, I'm considering the purchase of a larger cut and higher powered Hustler, Scag, or Exmark/Toro. I thought a Turf Tiger would be my best choice but, after talking to a dealer and getting quoted $9900 for the 61 inch 27 hp Kawasaki engined model it made me doubt that choice. The local Kubota dealer has 60 inch ZD326's for $10,000 and those look like real machines compared all the rest of the ZTR's out there.
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    There are few mowers out there that will cut weeds in the lawn nice and crisp like the rest of the lawn. We have one lawn that has tons of onions in it and we have used about 5 different mowers on it over the years and non of them has cut the onion very good. The 2 best that I have found is our old lazer with trivantage deck and our new gravely 160Z does pretty good on it. Your best bet would most likely be a Lazer AS with the ultraCut deck or a grvely with the x-factor deck. Both of these mowers are also reasonably priced which is a plus.
  3. In my area I know of a couple potential deals. One being some left over 06 Exmark models with 60 inch cut and one with 72 inch cut. The other deal is a 07 Hustler Super Z with 30 hp Kohler and 66 inch cut. The Hustler was a demo model and has around 30 hours on it with full 2 year warranty. I am not sure about the warranty on the 06 Exmark's yet.

    I'm wondering if there were any great enhancements that came along after those models that I would regret if I didn't get a new 08 model. Thanks

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