Cub Cadet Flywheel Ring Gear

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lskeith, Mar 15, 2012.

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    My neighbor asked me to take a look at his mower today.

    Found the flywheel ring gear cracked and separated from the flywheel.

    His mower is a Cob Cadet LT 1040

    I don't know anything about these, it appears that the ring gear is not made in to the flywheel.

    Can anyone tell me if &how we can replace just the ring gear?

    Is there an aftermarket flywheel with the teeth made into the flywheel for this mower?

    Any tips wil be greatly appreciated -

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    Kohler engine, flywheel ring gear issue, service bulletin released. Suggest he pick the mower up from you and take it to a real lawnmower repair place that is an authorized Kohler dealer, will likely be able to get a "good will" repair of the engine even though the bulletin from the repair is a little dated now. If he still insists on having someone who "knows nothing about them" tinker with his mower, order and pay for the new flywheel and install it.
  3. OM617

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    I too have experienced this 'expensive' failure on a Kohler SV735-016 engine. Gently used with approx 100 hours the flywheel ring gear broke, came loose from the flywheel casting and chewed up the starter. Based on what I have seen and read online I am hesitant to replace the parts unless the problem has been resolved.

    I noticed they have several different part numbers/revisions for the flywheel. Is this due to the balance or design changes?

    Can you tell me more about this service bulletin please?

  4. OM617

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