Cub Cadet Lawn Tractors?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by carolinaborn82, May 11, 2008.

  1. carolinaborn82

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    Hello fellows, I am having trouble with my old murray riding mower, I think she is finally giving in after 10 years. I know ztr's are the way to go and eventually I want to get to that point but I just can't afford one right now. What I am wanting to know is, how good are the cub cadet lawn tractors? Are they dependable, user friendly, if not who makes a good one? I have a cub push mower and love it to death and I am just wondering if the riders are as good as the push mowers?
  2. White Gardens

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    I think they're junk now. They got bought out by MTD who makes just about everything now. Lawnboy, Troy-bilt, Snapper, yard machines, craftman, and anything else that you find at a box store. If you get a cub-cadet, try to find an older one that was still made by international.

    I don't know what to tell you, if you need a rider from a box store, I'd go with a John Deere as they are still soley owned, and better built.

    If your curious, go to the MTD web-site and your jaw will drop after you see how many companies they've bought out.

    If you want to, check out simplicity. They made the lawn tractor for Allis-Chalmers back in the day and they still make a good mower, even though they got bought out by Briggs and Straton.
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    We were a Cub Cadet dealer for one year. Notice i said "were". Last year was enough for us. All models of Cub lawn and garden tractors are now total pieces of junk. Run as far as you can from those Cubs.
    If you have to get a garden tractor, go to a real J.D. dealer and buy one of their better models. Even the cheap Deere models are built by MTD/CUB and are also junk.
  4. White Gardens

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    Ya, I wasn't sure about the box-store John Deeres. One JD dealer said they were still built by JD, but it was a "subsiderary" company still owned by JD. He could have been covering up something though.

    I just went to the MTD web-site, they don't list snapper or lawn boy anymore, but they came accross as that they weren't giving out a complete list of companies they sell under. Shady
  5. Mowingman

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    I had a list somewhere of all the brands made by MTD. You would be surprised how many different colors of that junk they crank out.
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    I have a 1975 Cub Cadet 1250 hydro and it is exceptionally strong and very depenable. It has counless hours on it and to this day I still mow 11 yards a weekwith it. The older cubs are almost indestructable so if you are not ready to step up to the more expensive SCAG or EXMARK, the older Cub Cadets are a good choice. You can find very nice ones on ebay from $300-$600. I paid $600 for mine and have done nothing to it until this year when I put new front bushings in and new rear tires (the old ones were original). The Cub I have is called a "wide frame" model that is popular with 1/4 scale tractor pullers. It has the very desirable Sunstrand rear end that is bullit proof. Without the deck on mine, and the throttle on full, If I move the hydro lever forward quickly I can do a 6" high wheely. I discovered this by accident one day and I do not reccomend trying it because the lack of ROPS and seat belts, the tractor weights 900 pounds. Go to the red power roundup website to learn more about these amazing little tractors.

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