Cub Cadet M50 Tank???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by chrisvinky, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. chrisvinky

    chrisvinky LawnSite Senior Member
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    Is this a good mower? Does it compare to other commercial quality machines? I am just getting started and can get one of these considerably cheaper than the others ($4800).
  2. daveintoledo

    daveintoledo LawnSite Silver Member
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    well, it is a commercial mower, the deck is stamped instead of forged 7 gague like most commercial mowers, and the hydros are a little on the weak side...

    ive had one for 3 years i use as a back up, my helper loves it, great cut, and no problems with my unit....

    if its new... the 3 year woarrenty will cover any problems you may have for a while.....
  3. pbdlandscaping

    pbdlandscaping LawnSite Member
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    many tanks now come with fab steel decks now, many guys around here run them and like them, its cheaper than an exmark but does the same job, the only problem i have with them is there made by
  4. N.H.BOY

    N.H.BOY LawnSite Bronze Member
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    What...??? The decks are stamped now?? Did not know that, Mind is 4 years old with the 7 gage and the machine is great,,,, only thing is the triple bagger sucks for vacuum up wet grass!!!! and I find the traction is not all that great, but I only had an exmark before to compare. good machines
  5. Lawntime Mowers

    Lawntime Mowers LawnSite Member
    from KC MO
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    You can probably find a used M-60 Tank for about the same price.
    I was going to buy a demo model (M-60) for $7000.00 when a used one came in with about 350 hrs for $5000.00

    I used the M-50 one day when my other mower was down. Good mower but not large enough cut for me.

    Mostly depending on your accounts and trailer size. The M-50 would be a good choice but the M-60 is....well, bigger.

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