Cub Cadet M72 Tank Series


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Rochester, NY
Need to know if anybody owns the commercial Cub M72 Tank series zrt. If so, what is your opinion versus other brand names. Ex: Gravely, Exmark. I am in the market for a ztr very soon and like to capatilize on the 2005 end of year sales. I am not partial to any manufacturer at this time. Just keeping my options open before I sink $5500 - $8000 on a piece of equipment.


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North Carolina
Well I have the same mower in a 60" now and SO FAR, I would not trade it for any other brand name gas mower (Gravely, eXmark, ect). Mine is a 25hp 60" Lesco Z-Two (same thing as tank). You can also get the same thing through Lesco in a 72" with a 33hp Generac for $7,399... just so you know.

Wriken has it in a Cub Tank M72 and I'm sure he'll chime in soon.