Cub Cadet M72KW owners..?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JANDG, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Purchased one for 7K flat in WA state for my 6acre rough ground residence. I have a couple 12-14 year old JD lx series mowers with KW motors that I have tried to blow up, they won't. So I figured I would go with another KW motor, this one is 37hp if that means nothing. Does well on the rough ground & happy with it as I don't bag & ripped shoot off the second I recieved it, so I can get closer to me 100 or so trees I have to go around. The 6' deck makes a huge improvement & cut the timedownon small wet field demo to ridiculouse times compared to the 48 on the JD's. Only thing I don't like so far is the deck lift, I will have to get the electric deck lift. Anyone add this lift to thier M72KW...? In the 72" range I could not afford anything else that looked sturdy & this is for sure, but deck is to heavy for foot deck lift for me to use alot up & down. I will not be bieng nice to this mower & hope it holds up. I don't see any cheesy parts yet to ***** about, all seems very sturdy. If there is anything I should know for tips on this mower please let me know, yes I am new & 1st post.
    Thanks Joe
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    Boy that sounds nice, I am guessing that is used at that price. wow.
    They are great machines from my experience. Since you are not using the Discharge Chute, Get the Operator Controlled Discharge chute restrictor from them its a bonus for a few hundred more. I have shot my dogs tennis balls 300 feet when buzzing thru the lawn and open discharge Chute. No casualties thank gosh.

    I have 2 54" decks and they both are heavy. What do you expect from that much steel. That is also why mine is called The TANK.

    One of our machines has a foot and handle deck lift so you can use both at the same time for easier liftin of the deck. If that makes sense.

    Kawasaki have not been a big problem for us yet.
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    Yes, I bought the demo that had 30 hrs on it. They gave me the 3 year new warrantty as if new, so I thought to grab it. Glad I did. I am looking into a deck handle to go along with the foot control till I can afford the electric lift. I have 5 dogs so I suppose it would be wize to put the chute you mention as I would hate to see them get hurt. It looks as if the trees should be worried & not the mower, I measured rear cage bumper @ 3/8", so a hit it should take. The only troubles KW motors have ever given me on the JD's is the starters go gip fairly quick, but other than that I abuse & allways have going thru very high sale brush & alot of other stuff at times when clearing, even in high heat times. this has been for well over 12-14 years. The KW 1000cc motor seems to be of the same configuration & build as the older LX jd motors. I did get a chance to get a JD zero with much smaller deck & much smaller everything for just under what I paid for this, so I made the decision to go away from JD this time around. I would not have done it unless it were the tank series CD I don't think & the price seemed better than most demo's I seen on the net. Do you mow rough ground..? & you must be pro if you have 2 I would think..? Thanks for the responce.

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