Cub Cadet or Echo?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by biggreenlawncare, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. biggreenlawncare

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    This may be a really stupid question being I'm new and all, but how does Cub Cadet measure up to Echo?

    I just bought a brand new Cub Cadet off of Craigslist because it was only $100 (lady didn't know what she had), and now I need to go buy the rest of the gear from Home Depot. I'm wondering how the Cub Cadet products at Home Depot stack up to the Echo products.

    I need a blower, trimmer, and possibly an edger.

    In my last post everyone said if I MUST by from Home Depot, go for Echo. Anyone have any advice on the Cub Cadet equipment?

    I grew up with my dad using all their stuff so he always of course was a huge fan. Now I need opinions from people that use this stuff everyday.

    I do about 5-10 jobs a week (just a part timer in college).

    Thanks for the help guys!
  2. THEoneandonlyLawnRanger

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    ive only used echo stuff, i got a cub cadet trimmer at an unbeatable price at a local mower store, so i bought it last year.........It is really a piece of junk, ive got an old Homelite weedeater that works better than the cub.......Never had one complaint or problem with my echo stuff. I would chose Echo 10 to 1 over a cub........just my opinion though
  3. biggreenlawncare

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    Ya I did it backwards. I posted this threat and then started searching the forums. Seems like everyone feels the same way you do. Echo it is...


    On another note, what do you guys think about me starting out with just a push mower, trimmer, and blower in the back of a pickup?

    Obviously it's 'til I get some good money rolling in and I can buy a trailer and commercial stuff.

    Thanks again!
  4. Reliable Lawn Care

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    I personally think it is a smart way to start off. I bought my equipment with cash as I went along. Just using a pick up, my home toro mower and I think a McCollugh weed eater and a BROOM ! When I finally bought a echo blower, I was tickled to death!!! Then the next year I bought a trailer and a commercial Exmark mower and so on.
    Just do a great job and let everyone know what you are doing and word of mouth will spread and you will be getting all the equipment you need. Good Luck

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