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Cub Cadet Pro?

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
Although Commercial Turf Products (the collaboration between MTD and Lesco) denies it it would seem that the MTD Pro line of mowers is not selling. Andy Outcalt, vice president of independent retail sales for Cub Cadet said: "Pro didn't hit the mark". In response to this MTD is launching a new line of mowers under the Cub Cadet name. Lesco does not have an ownership in the new line of mowers. From looking at pictures of MTD Pros and Cub Cadets the only difference appears to be color. The <b><i>"new"</b></i> line of Cub Cadet Commercial mowers can be viewed online at http://www.cubcommercial.com

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
I agree, same features, same looks, but it's a TANK and yellow. Not a good name choice in my opinion.


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Can you say, Yellow Viper?


The cub cadet "pro" riders were actually out two years ago. They had them at a dealer near me. He carried the MTD Pro and the Cub Cadet. One was all Yellow the other was red. The new Cub is now yellow and black. They now have various engine/ deck options unlike before when it was 25hp koh and 54" or 60". The wb's now have kaw and there is no more 60". Even the website is of the same design as MTD pro. Other than some new engines and colour they appear to be identical to the mtd's EXCEPT for:
1) Command cut deck- looks like a cross between a mulching deck and a discharge deck. Very interesting, if it works.
Notice how small the openings are between cutting chambers. There is also almost 2" of blade overlap.
2) Next Day Parts Program
"You run a business, we know you need to keep working, so we provide you with parts next day or they are FREE!"
I sure could have used this!:)
3) Three-year Turf Equipment Warranty
Could be useful. :)
Richard Martin

Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
Dylan wrote:

<b><i>1) Command cut deck- looks like a cross between a mulching deck and a discharge deck. Very interesting, if it works. Notice how small the openings are between cutting chambers</b></i>

It looks like a mulching deck because it has a mulching kit installed on it. If you look at the discharge you will see that it is covered over with a mulching plate. This kit is very similar to the one I put on my Exmark this fall.

I can see 2 problems with this deck that any engineer who looks at an Exmark deck would figure out. This deck is very similar to a Gravely 50" formed deck. As such it is probably subject to the same flaw. The problem is encountered when cutting thick grass. If you look at the rear baffles where they come together you will see that they come together at a straight angle. What can happen in heavy grass is grass will build up at this blunt point until there is a huge mass of it and then it gets thrown out in one large clump. My Gravely used to do the same thing. The cure is to weld a triangular gusset where the 2 baffles come together. Exmarks come with this gusset installed from the factory.

The second problem is a lack of baffles in the front of the deck. Again my Gravely was the same way. When cutting in wet conditions grass can build up in the corners and then fall off when the mass becomes heavy enough. The result is a mess when cutting wet/damp grass. Been there, fixed that. Exmarks come with baffling already installed at the front of the deck.


Oh yeah. Upon closer inspection I can see the mulch plate.
I was thinking it was side discharge and the semi enclosed chambers would mulch the grass and some of it would be side discharged. Kind of the best of both worlds.
Does your exmark mulch kit have openings between chambers like the Cub?
Looking at the following site each chamber looks sealed right off. Kind of hard to tell though.

With that mulch plate on, I think the grass would get passed over to the right and leave a trail.


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St. Paul,MN.
I demo'ed a Tank 54" while one of my exmarks was being repaired a couple of weeks ago and it not a bad mower. Dont get me wrong - I wouldnt trade my lazers for one , but considering the price this was a respectable mower. The throttle control is in a bad spot and it's painfully slow in reverse but it discharged very well in some pretty long grass and left a nice looking cut.