cub cadet problesms. Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cubzforce, Apr 14, 2004.

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    Hey Ya'll, new here so bear with me. I bought a 2003 cub cadet z-force last july in 03'. With in the first 4 months of owning it to do my customers lawns, well, the deck belts came loose and i had to take it in. Well as i am typing this post, its sitting in the shop for the same problem. AHHH! cant cut grass when thats the only mower i have. I had a ransome/bobcat 48" varible speed commercial mower but it was old, no reverse, and just wasnt what i needed at the time. This cub z-force is an awesome machine. At the time i bought it, price wasnt really the big issue BUT this machine, for the money, had the best features among the comparables. The most impressive thing i loved about it was it had a pivoting front axle and a floating deck which i am very picky about because i hate a scalped yard. The other thing, the controls were on the right side and easy reach in a hurry, unlike some machines which are between your legs. And the width of cut wasnt too terrible bad.44" is plenty for what i need it for. It gives a great cut and NO SCALPING and its fun to ride and i am less tired than walking behind a WB. When i took it to the shop last week i was debating whether or not to sell it and get a "true" commercial walk behind. My choise was a 36" toro proline w/b with the floating deck. Also thought of others and the others were less money but didnt have a floating deck, which i must insist on having because i hate scalped yards. I would like to have a machine, between 2,000 and 4,000 that is 36" to possibly 48" in cutting width and easy to operate, user friendly and that i dont have to put back on the trailer to get another mower off to finish up or cut the back yard if the customer has a tiny side gate. Any suggestions? Sorry about the long post. Hope to hear from ya'll.
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    Thats what you should have done in the first place, but we all start somewhere, try a cub tank M-48, w/fab deck
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    well here inlies my problem wriken, at the time i bought my cub i came into some inheritance money. Bought the cub, new trailer and all my weedeaters and edgers and etc.....Also i was looking for a ZTR rider because of my compressed disk. I cant stand too long before it starts getting tight and hurting me. So thats why i didnt get a w/b. And i have never liked a sulky seat on a w/b because the pinching of the legs when going up a hill or losing control while topping a hill and not being able to reach the controls. SOOOO thats where i am now. The zforce is an awesome machine. its done me well in 2003 for what i needed it for. I am small time, fixing (hoping) to go big soon. Just need some help and hell GOOD CREDIT.haha. thanks for the reply

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