cub cadet rzt 50

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by B & R LANDSCAPING, Jun 18, 2006.


    B & R LANDSCAPING LawnSite Member
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    New in the biz here guys and just bought the cub cadet rzt 50 with the kohler engine on it. anyone out there have this and how is it working for you?
  2. cuttinggrassiscool

    cuttinggrassiscool LawnSite Member
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    that should give you some reading on it, i posed this same question a while back.

    my machine has around 70 hours on it now and its the Briggs engine, the way i see it is it is a okay startup machine and an okay back up machine once the biz grows, my dealer agreed. mine has the briggs engine. basically i think if you take care of it, you will be able to make some money with it. i have had problems with the spindle grease fittings pulling out, but i just replaced them with over sized fittings from a auto parts store

    hope this helps,
  3. dcondon

    dcondon LawnSite Silver Member
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    It should do you fine until you can upgrade to cub TANK!!!:cool2:
  4. nherweck

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    I have last years model of that mower and so far it has 260 hours on it. It's handled everything I've thrown at it and hasn't given me TOO much of a hassle. It's needed tired replaced MANY times, but I deal with A LOT of properties that have sharp objects of some sort, whether it be thorns or forks (yes...forks :confused:). The other problem that JUST started up wtih it is the fact that when it sits while running, the breaks aren't so powerful anymore and it starts clicking and moving forward about .10 miles an hour...very slow, but can make a distance if you aren't quick. It'll be taken in in the morning for that problem, and it'll be fixed by I'm not worried about it. Anyhow, I hope that helps!!
  5. Brendan Smith

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    mine is doing ok so far, had the same grease fitting issue as mentioned above, but for my part-time needs, has been ok and bought time so i can begin saving for a commercial mower. it easily paid for itself last year.
  6. Raven386

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    so the Cub Cadet Tanks are good mowers?
  7. Brendan Smith

    Brendan Smith LawnSite Bronze Member
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    seems so from what i've heard here. the lesco ztwo is the same thing, but appears less expensive from what i've seen on lesco's website. i know envy loves his.
  8. Liquidfast

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    I've got one and no probs what-so-ever. I would recommend one to anyone starting out or (in my case) for a new employee.:usflag: :canadaflag:
  9. DylanK

    DylanK LawnSite Member
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    does anybody find that it scalps sometimes... i was just wondering because it doesnt have the two front rollers on the deck

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