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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TNWS, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. passalacqua

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    The new models like yours come with a 4 year 2000 hour warranty.
  2. passalacqua

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    I have two regular Tanks 2010 models and will be upgrading at the end of the season. I was planing on getting a Tank S with the yanmar diesel but then they come out with the Tank SZ that I can get at my local dealer for $8500 but the biggest motor they have for it is 27hp KW if I don't get the diesel I would at least like to get the 31hp KW like I have on my current Tanks.
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    We bought an M48 new a few years ago. Was by far the highest sitting, roughest riding, funky handling, rear tire wearing out, grass clumping in the wet mower we have ever owned. If the conditions were perfect it left an absolutely beautiful clean crisp cut and super stripes due to the standard striping rollers that come standard on them. It was the shortest amount of time we have ever owned a mower. I think we sold it after the second year with 428 hours on it.

    M48 cut quality


    As you can see the tires were SHOT at only 400 hours. The mower still looked new. Never again unless they make drastic changes.




    Oh and that scag you see behind it. Another royal POS.
  4. passalacqua

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    They have made lots of changes for 2012. all new hydro's that have integrated pumps and wheel motors, all new deck, all new belts pulleys and clutch that are 2 or 3 times the size of older models, all new frame design all new deck height adjustment system. So yes they have designed all new mowers from the ground up.
  5. kev51277

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    i had a cub enforcer 48 i bought it with 50 hrs on the clock and it kept blowing belts about every 5 to 10 hours. the cub dealer could not figure out what was wrong they told me i had to mowe on 3 no higher no lower lol that thing was a hunk of crap i will never buy cub ever again
  6. passalacqua

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    Well I have 2 60 inch Cub Cadet Tanks and the belts have never come off doesn't mater if I am cutting at 1 inch or 6 inches. one has 300 Hrs the other has 500 Hrs. And by the way I have never had any problems out these mowers and I bought them new
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    I don't understand how the steering wheel works with a zero turn since a zero turn usually turns by the rear wheels? Seems like a great idea for mowing on hills especially going down hill but can someone explain how the steering wheel doesn't fight with the rear hydro's?

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    Im looking at a new mower this year and thought I might look at cub cadet. My employee wants to see if they would work for us. I would want a 60 or 72 inch model with a steering wheel. I think the tanks s is what I want to look at. Can some people fill me in on how they like it? Also 10 gauge on the deck seems kind of thin how are they holding up?
  9. orangemower

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    You must have gotten the one I returned for a full refund. The one I had would not cut higher then 2 3/4in with the deck all the way up. The craftsmanship on the deck was terrible. Tabs were not welded on in the correct place that mount the deck to the frame. Throttle cable would not stay at WOT. It ate 3 belts in 10hrs so finally I demanded my money back. The dealer said no problem and put me in a Scag. Cub Cadet is junk period.
  10. passalacqua

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    Well just because you got a lemon that doesn't make all Cub Cadets junk.

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