Cub Cadet Ultima ZT 1 46" rider. bad mulching and bad bagging


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I'll try not to be too wordy. After lots of discussions with The Cub people I am beginning to think that I can get better advice from the pros. I have been bagging with limited success. It has been very damp in the northeast and my chute has clogged a few times. I just took it apart and hosed all the grass out but I can feel that the inside is rough from use and has some residual grass pieces stuck inside, so my first question is, is there anything I can apply to the inside of the chute that will allow grass to slide through more easily even if it's a little damp. The landscapers around here seem to have little issue on damp lawns. Of course I most always cut when the lawn is dry but we have had LOTS of rain.
Part II is that because of the clogging I switched to mulching and used mulching blades that Cub Cadet sent me (gratis). It leaves a line of grass on the right side of the machine that I either have to blow out or go over again with the mower. It looks like the cuttings are about 1" long. Again, the lawn was dry and not very long. My cut height is 3". I figure if I am cutting an inch off the lawn it should mulch pretty good. SOOOO after I clean out my chute and figure out a way to make it less sticky, I figure I will have to collect the lawn for the rest of the season unless you guys know a mulching "trick"
Sorry for being so long winded I do my own lawn because I am retired and can't afford a landscaper and to be brutally honest, they cut at about 7mph (which I don't and my blades are sharp so when I bag the clippings the lawn looks SUPER.
I want to thank the experts here in advance for any help they can give

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