cub cadet xp ride on spreader sprayer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by blades&spades, May 19, 2014.

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    Hello all. I just recently purchased this unit and will using it to spray chemical. Does anyone know how to apply the chemical with this machine? Do you just follow your wheel marks? I'm used to a small granular broadcast spreader and this machine is a major upgrade to my company but no instruction on how to use it. Any help would be appreciated!
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    You could always add a foam marker. Richway (same brand used on Z Sprays) makes several different models. I'm sure you could make a few modifications to fit your needs.
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    Somewhere--somehow--somebody must know how to make a "poor man's" foam marker. Maybe a modified hand sprayer so you could just put down on occasional spot of soapy foam to mark your previous turn around.
    Shaving creme aerosol works--of course--but it lasts a long time and it is a bit inconvenient. Maybe this needs a test.
    What are your results?
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    Take the machine out to an asphalt lot and calibrate with water. it should be factory set to spray a 9' swath. You could always use lesco tracker until you are comfortable with the machine?
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    Quick test. Shaving creme and gel--two different types--both worked fine and formed a white ball-shaped marker on pavement. Lasted about 2 hours in light rain. Longer than I would like.
    However, a foaming-type hand cleaner soap--lasted about a half hour in a no rain condition.About the right amount of time. It was similar to this:
    It worked best if held close to the grass--but--still almost as visible, if I just shot out a bit of foam from waist high. It would be useful to mark the turning point when riding a Permagreen or other ride-on applicator. Even a push spreader if the lawn was big, difficult, or your tracks were not visible.
    Imagine if one could put down squirt of white marker at the center point of your swath just behind the machine about ten feet before turning the machine around. You would need to devise a holster to hold the bottle on your equipment somewhere.
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    Creative way to make a foamer:)
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    Sorry, wrong button.
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    And if you wanted to wash your hands before lunch...

    I am sure it is ordinary soap with some kind of special dispenser nozzle that injects the air bubbles. Imagine if there were some kind of foot pedal on the platform next to your foot--you could give it a squirt to mark the center of your swath for when you were coming back from the opposite direction.

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