Cub Cadet Z Force 54

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wicklivin, Jun 28, 2011.

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    It would but I doubt it would do well going down the hill. Look at the back of the house in this pic. I cut this weekly. I slid down the right side (steepest part) a few times but the rest of the hill is more open so it's not that bad. I haven't measured the slope so I'm not sure what the degree is.
  2. wicklivin

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    So I'm now trying to decide between the Cub Cadet Z-Force 54 or the Hustler FasTrak SD 54. There's about a $2,000 difference and better financing with the Cub, but the Hustler is top of the line residential with a better warranty.

    I'm only going to be mowing for about an hour a week, so the Hustler may be overkill. If I have any problems with the Cub, the dealer is less than 2.5 miles away. My sales rep said if I'm not happy with the Cub, I can return it an buy a Hustler.
  3. rwaters

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    Before you buy see what they will give you for the cub in that case it is not likely to be the full amount.
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    Can you plase explain thsi ? What who will give you when?
  5. rwaters

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    most dealers will not give you a full refund if you wanted to trade it in for a different mower, as like car dealers we can not always transfer the warranty.
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    I told my dealer rep to either arrange a demo I can cut with, or give me a written purchase option of them picking it up if I don't like it and set me up with the another make/model. I'm a rather large guy 6' 4" 325lbs and if I don't like the ride/fit on the Cub, I might want to try the Hustler.

    Would any of you buy a $5,000 plus mower without trying one out first? Most dealers have demo models for people to try and most of the regional sales reps can arrange something.
  7. rwaters

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    you would be shocked, over half of the customers I sold to this year would not test drive the mowers till after they bought it. I often have to teach a person to drive a mower on delivery. I do not have a demo Hustler sport but I do let someone drive it before they buy it.
  8. wicklivin

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    Well, my rep is bringing a Cub to demo tomorrow that I can actually cut with! :)

    The regional Hustler rep is setting up a demo as well. I let my grass grow for 2 weeks so it's long and thick. We'll see how each of them do.
  9. RoyalTech

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    Let me know what you think, I'm looking at the Cub Cadet Commercial Z-Force S 48 (the one with the steering wheel) and also considering a Hustler Fastrak or possibly a used Toro Z400. What kind of price is the dealer quoting you on the Cub and Hustler?

    Have you looked at the S model zero from Cub, that might make your hill easier to mow. Plus it is less likely to tear your lawn up while you learn to drive with a standard twin bar zero.
  10. Randy G.

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    My Cub dealer told me he had guy's try to tear the lawn with the Tank S and said it wouldnt do it no matter how hard they tryed. I really thought about the Z Force 48 S but, was scared of the longevity of the steering system. Good luck with whatever you chose. The Hustler fastrac SD is a really nice machine. I went with my buddy to pick his up. He really likes it.

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